Paper Towns

By: John Green

Writer of the book

John Green

Were the book takes place

Orlando, Florida, High school, Quentin's house, all over the town, and Sea World

About the book

Quentin and Margo had been friends for awhile. until a death when they were little splits them two different ways. Then the day comes, in high school Margo's missing and Quentin and his friends go on a mission to find her, Just to find out she was fine and didn't want them to find her.

Man vs. Man

Margo is a bad girl with good grades and Quentin is a good kid with good grades . Has a huge crush Margo and when he finds out she was missing he wants to find her.


"The smallest good deed is better than the grandest intention"

- UnKnown

Theme of book

This is a story of Friendship and love between two best friends
" How the heck did you find me?"

-page 285

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