Bonnie Clutter

Insane or Improperly Portrayed?

A Little Bit About Bonnie

Herb’s wife and mother to Nancy and Kenyon, Bonnie is a slight, nervous, apologetic woman who suffers from chronic postpartum depression, which leaves her bedridden on many days. Having lived a sheltered childhood, she gave up her training as a nurse to marry Herb and settle into her responsibilities as a housewife. Her depression has gradually isolated her from many of her close friends, and she spends her last afternoon locked away in her room, regretting her inability to socialize or be a stronger mother to her children.

Real Life Bonnie vs. In Cold Blood's Bonnie

Which is the Right Description?

In Cold Blood

  • An invalid

    • Suffered from many things

      • Tension

      • Withdrawal

      • Depression
      • Always locked in her room

Real Life

  • Loving wife and mother

  • Active in the church

  • A caring and compassionate woman

  • Never let depression get in the way of her family

  • Unwaveringly loyal to her husband

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