Mrs. Smith's Class Newsletter

June 2, 2017

This Week:

Literacy: We continue to review letters, sounds, and our Kindergarten words.

Math: In math, we did calculator math, graphing, and patterns.

Social Studies: We learned about summer. We learned about the American flag. Ask your child why it has 50 stars and 13 stripes. We learned that June 14th is Flag Day and July 4th is America's Birthday! We talked about fun summer activities like parades, swimming, and picnics.

Next Week

Unit: Last Week of School

Letter of the week: review

Word wall words: review

Math: review

Snack--we now have 17 students!

Monday, June 5--Mrs. Smith

Tuesday, June 6--Field Day

***Please put sunscreen on your child.

***Kindergarteners wear red shirts.

Wednesday, June 7—Early lunch

***Last Day of School

Thursday, June 8--First Day of Summer Vacation!

Friday, June 9--Summer Vacation


Your child is bringing home the headphones they used in Computer Lab this year. Please keep them in a safe place over the summer so they can be returned to school and used next year. Thanks!

Information for Downloading Items from Your Child's Seesaw Account

Here's the link with directions for downloading their child's portfolio at the end of the year.

Kindergarten Workbooks

Your child is bringing home workbooks that they did not complete this year. Please let them complete the books over the summer. Thank you!

Writing Folders

Your child is bringing home his/her writing folder. Please enjoy looking through it with your child. They worked very hard creating it. I am very pleased with your child's progress this year.

Field Day

Field Day is scheduled for Tuesday, June 6th. Please put sunscreen on your child that morning before he/she comes to school. Kindergarteners are asked to wear red shirts on field day. Any parents who want to volunteer, please click on the link below.

Camp Brethren Woods Field Trip

We had a lot of fun on our field trip to Camp Brethren Woods this week. The weather and your children were great! Be sure to ask your child about his/her trip if you haven't. Thanks to all of the wonderful parent volunteers who were able to go with us!

Ice Cream Social

Thanks for all of the supplies and volunteers for our ice cream party today. The children enjoyed making and eating their ice cream sundaes.

Suggested Summer Activities

Some activities that you can do with your children over the summer are:

Please read with your child every day. Take your child to the Massanutten Regional Public Library weekly to check out some books to read with your child. They have an easy reader section and your child will be able to read many words in these books. Review letters of the alphabet, their sounds in words, and different words as you read with him/her.

Have your child keep a journal. A couple of times a week have your child write a sentence about something he/she has done and draw a picture to go with the sentence. Let your child practice writing letters of the alphabet and numbers.

Let your child point out letters on signs as you go places in your car. Talk about the name of the letter and the sound that the letter makes.

Play games with him/her. Some games that children usually enjoy are Checkers, Uno, Sorry, and Memory.

Let him/her help you cook. He/She can learn about counting, measuring, and fractions.

Let your child count out items for you. He/She could count the spoons you need for supper or how many socks you washed, etc.

Review coin names and values. Look through your change together and count it.

Make an art box for your child including paper, crayons, markers, scissors, tape and other art supplies. Your children enjoy drawing. These children enjoyed creating in the writing center every day.

Limit your child's screen time daily and encourage your child to play outside.

Most of all spend time talking with your child everyday. Your child is very special, please enjoy everyday with him/her!

Our Trip to Camp Brethren Woods

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