By: Jeremiah Starks


Macbeth possesses qualities such as being prideful and loyal. His flaw is being manipulative, gullible, and crazy. Including flaws like being very paranoid about things, becoming scared of things he usually wasn’t scared of and being haunted. Another very important flaw was that he was too ambitious. The witches tricked him and influenced him to do things he wouldn’t do. Macbeth’s wife was also a part of things.

In the Hunger Games Catness wasn’t trying to save anyone at the beginning of the movie because she was far too scared to put herself in the line of war. She was content with her life and happy with it the way it was in the first place but little did she know her entire life was going to be changed in no time at that point. The dystopian society was an oppressive society that was trying to control all of the people in it. The monsters were fighting against people just like Catness. The monsters possessed characteristics like being obsessed with power. They fought back by manually going to district by district until they got to the capital. They were successful in their journey on trying to change the dystopian society.