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welcome to your daily lenten retreat

Three minutes a day can give you 24 hours of peace.

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Matt Weber shares his reflection on today’s retreat:

Why do I feel guilty when I experience God’s most generous gifts in abundance? Almost as is to say, “Why so much for me when many others have so little?” I sometimes feel my life is blessed with an endless supply of loaves and fishes from God, and it’s my life’s duty to help share this feast with the world.

I often pray to Saint Francis, who I have a special kinship with as I was born on his feast day in St. Francis Hospital. I think back to his story of being generous with all he had and making his life’s work a sharing of God’s generosity.

This Lent, I am trying to be more aware of the blessed moments—not to avoid but embrace the broken times—and be more cognizant in recognizing the abundance of gifts, joy, love, and grace God provides for us in this beautiful world.