Hoxie High School AMI

Grades 7-8 AMI Learning Guide for Days 31-35

Instructions for Completion

Students shall select activities from the list below for each content area to complete during the week. Documentation of completed activities will be documented on the attached completion survey at the bottom of the page. Students will upload samples of activities in the survey to document completion. This document is mobile friendly. It works well on a phone or tablet. On a phone or tablet, upload a picture of your work or computer screen. If you are using a computer, attach a file or picture as you would to an email.

Activities can be completed in any format: notebook paper, computer, tablet, etc. If students are unable to complete the electronic survey, work samples may be dropped off at the high school office.

Be sure to read the instructions for each subject area. Each subject has different requirements for completion. You are only required to complete assignments in the subject areas you have classes. For example, some seniors do not have a math course this year, so they will not be required to complete the math section. If you have any questions, please call the high school office at 870-886-2401 or email your teacher.

Accommodations for Students with an IEP or 504

  • Select activities that best fit your skill level. If you are unsure of which activities that work best for your child, email your child's teacher. (firstname.lastname@hoxieschools.com)


  • Instead of 3 activities, complete only 2 for the week.


  • Instead of 2 activities, complete only 1 for the week.

Social Studies

  • Instead of 2 activities, complete only 1 for the week.

Literacy Corner (All English Classes)

Choose at least 3 literacy learning opportunities to practice your reading, writing and communication skills. Don’t forget to grab a good book and read daily. (videos and articles are located below)

  • Interview: Get a pencil or pen and something to write on! INTERVIEW a person of your choice: mom, dad, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, cousin, close friend, or even yourself. Your mission today is to get them to explain the story of their life through one of three different interview sessions: young childhood, middle of life, current day. You can ask them anything you want, but here are 3 starting questions to include.

    1. Explain the 3 most important moments of your early childhood/middle childhood/current life and describe why they were so important.
    2. Who are the most influential people in your early childhood life/middle childhood/current day, and what did you learn from him or her?
    3. Please explain your early childhood dreams/middle of life/current dreams and desires in great detail.

LISTEN as they answer the questions, and engage in their responses: ask them to elaborate or explain more deeply the things you find most interesting. During this process, WRITE down as much as you can: important “quotes”, new questions that arise, timelines of their life, interesting things they say. Cling to moments of humor, tragedy, adventure, and mystery.

  • Sentence Labeling: Label the parts of speech in the following sentence:

“Happiness is a butterfly, which when pursued, is always just beyond your grasp, but which, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you.” —Nathaniel Hawthorn

  • Persuasive Writing Activity: You are surrounded by advertisements whether you are watching TV, scrolling social media, or simply walking past signs and billboards. Go on a Persuasive Scavenger Hunt and keep a log of the different advertisements you see and the strategies they use.

Questions to consider:

What is the advertisement? What is it trying to convince you to do? What strategies does it use? Did it persuade you? Why or why not?

Here is a link to a slideshare with some definitions of persuasive strategies:


  • Persuasive Posters: Read and answer questions from ReadWorks about World War II posters.

  • Shark Tank: Watch an episode of Shark Tank and complete the chart.

  • Journal Writing: Begin keeping a daily journal or diary on the current pandemic.

  • FREE Choice- What are your interests? Choose a topic and create a document, presentation or performance that will teach someone else about your topic.

Math Mania (All Math Classes)

Choose at least 3 math learning opportunities to build and reinforce your math skills.

  • Khan Academy: If you have internet access, it is recommended that your child utilize the Khan Academy modules with built-in instruction to support math learning at least 3 days a week. Select your grade level or type in the web address and select the GET STARTED button. (Counts as one each day) If needed students may select a different grade, regardless of age. We recommend students spend about 30 minutes a setting on Khan Academy.
Grade 7: https://www.khanacademy.org/math/cc-seventh-grade-math
Grade 8: https://www.khanacademy.org/math/cc-eighth-grade-math
Algebra I: https://www.khanacademy.org/math/algebra
Algebra II: httphttps://www.khanacademy.org/math/geometry
Geometry: https://www.khanacademy.org/math/geometry
PreCal: https://www.khanacademy.org/math/precalculus

  • Integer Addition Battle: 2 players. Materials: Deck of Cards, Ace = 1, Jack = 11, Queen = 12, King = 13, Red cards = negative, black cards = positive. How to Play: Each person turns over two cards then adds the values together. The player with the highest value hand wins all 4 cards. Continue play until all cards have been used. The player with the most cards wins. (Remember: 2 + 3 = 5, -2 + -3 = -5, 2 + -3 = -1, -2 + 3 = -1)

  • School Photo Scale Factor Worksheet

  • Area of a Circle Worksheet

  • Math Puzzle: Find a value for each icon in the area model below so that it represents the value of 144.

Area Model = (10 + pretzel) (5 + honey)

Pretzel = ?

Chocolate Covered Pretzel = ?

Pretzel Sticks = ?

Honey = ?

Salt = ?

Explain your reasoning.

  • String ’Em Up: Materials: String, tape measure For your family, predict whose arm span is greater than, less than, or equal to their height. Write down your predictions. Use a piece of string and a tape measure to measure each person's arm span and height. What do you notice about your predictions? Find the ratio of arm span to height for each person. Is there any pattern to the results? Did the age of the family member have any effect on the ratio of arm span to height? Explain your thinking.

  • Movie Popcorn Prices: At the movies, there was a sign for popcorn deals. If you and your family go to the movies often, which is the best deal for the family? Which is the best deal for just you? Explain your reasoning.

Small popcorn - $6.89

Medium popcorn - $7.89

Large popcorn - $8.89

Refillable Bucket - $21.99 (free refills on day of purchase, $4.89 refills on other days) Premiere Movie Member - $15.00 yearly fee per person (Free refills on Large popcorn purchase)

Big picture

THINK Like a Scientist!

If you have any kind of science course, choose at least 2 science learning opportunities for the week.

  • NOVA Energy Lab: Take cybersecurity into your own hands. In this Lab, you’ll defend a company that is the target of increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks. Your task is to strengthen your cyber defenses and thwart the attackers by completing a series of cybersecurity challenges. You’ll crack passwords, craft code, and defeat malicious hackers. https://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/labs/lab/energy/

  • Field Guide: Go outside, look in your yard to find 4 different types of grasses and weeds. Create your own field guide of grasses and weeds by drawing and labeling each one you find.

  • Readworks: Read and complete the questions from The Human Microbiome

All About History

If you are in any social studies class (civics, economics, psychology, history, etc), choose at least 2 Social Studies learning opportunities for the week.

  • World War II: War is everyone’s problem. In this BrainPOP movie, Tim and Moby will teach you about how most of the world got involved in World War II.

Watch the video and take the quiz to test your knowledge.


BrainPOP username: green18

BrainPOP password: Mustangs20

  • Life in the Japanese Internment Camps: While the U.S. military fought overseas, a different battle was happening on American soil, as more than 110,000 Japanese Americans were placed in internment camps. This American History play tells their story in dramatic detail. Read the play in the "We Are Americans" link below and respond to the Write About It prompt.

Write About It! Why has the internment of Japanese-Americans been called “a grave wrong”?

  • Behind Barbed Wire worksheet

  • WW2 Chronology worksheet

  • Meet the Navajo Code Talkers: During World War II, information could be just as important as weapons. Learn how a group of young Navajo men helped win the war in the Pacific by creating an unbreakable code for the United States military. Read the article in the link below and respond to the following core question.

CORE QUESTION: Why might Navajos have found the idea of using their language as a code during World War II to be ironic?

The Arts/Music

If you are in band, choir, or art, choose at least 1 activity from Fine Arts to complete this week.

  • Recreate – Draw a box on a piece of paper and recreate this dragon eye in the picture below. You may use shading techniques with a regular pencil or coloring techniques with crayons, colored pencils, and or markers.

  • Compare and Contrast – Listen to a Jazz or Classical Music piece of music. How is it different from the type of music you normally listen to? How is it the same? Submit your response.

  • The Song Game – Come up with a list of 20 songs with the following information: Title, Artist, and the Year the song came out. Now gather your family around and play clips (30 seconds max) of each song while they try to guess the 3 categories! Send in everyone’s results for credit.

Dragon Eye

Healthy Living

If you have a health or PE class, choose at least one activity from the list to complete this week.

  • Activity Challengy 1:
Trunk twist for 20 seconds

Toe touch for 20 seconds

Right over left for 20 seconds

Left over right for 20 seconds

Hurdle stretch for 20 seconds

Butterfly stretch for 20 seconds

25 Mustang Jacks

25 Sit Ups

25 Push Ups

25 Lunges

Walk/Run Half a mile

What can we do to be physically active and why is it important?

  • Activity Challenge 2:
Trunk twist for 20 seconds

Toe touch for 20 seconds

Right over left for 20 seconds

Left over right for 20 seconds

Hurdle stretch for 20 seconds

Butterfly stretch for 20 seconds

25 Mustang Jacks

25 Sit Ups

25 Push Ups

25 Lunges

Walk/Run Half a mile

Why is it important to stay physically fit?

  • Activity Challenge 3:

20 body squats

20 crunches

30 second plank

Walk/Run Half a mile

Describe an event that changed your life forever, or make up and describe an event that would change your life forever.

How will physical activity help us now and in the future?

If you like exercising more than what was required, please write down what you did! Please stay active during this time!

CTE Corner

If you are in any business, agri, criminal justice, career orientation, or medical class, choose one activity from the list to complete during the week.

  • Residential Lease Activity: Complete the Fine Print-Residential Lease Worksheet to become familiar with lease agreements.

  • Netiquette: Use the image below to respond to the netiquette worksheet.
Big picture
Completion Survey

Click here when finished to complete the survey and upload work samples. This survey works very well on a mobile device when uploading documents. .

  • I don't know what email to use for my child to complete the survey. How do we submit? Only students are able to complete surveys using their school email address and password (the same password that is used to sign in daily at school).
  • What kind of document do I upload for evidence? The survey supports pictures, word documents, and pdf's. On a computer, attach documents they same way documents are attached to an email. On a mobile device, a photo of the completed assignment works well.
  • What if I still can't figure out how to attach a document? You may skip those questions and drop off your work samples at school. The file uploads are not required to submit the survey. The survey itself is also optional, you are welcome to drop off work samples at school in the AMI dropbox.

Please remember we are here to help you. If you have any trouble, please reach out to your child's teacher. Any teacher can be reached through email. Email addresses are on the school website or using the following format: firstname.lastname@hoxieschools.com. There is also a direct link on this document that can be used to ask questions.