Learn Japanese!

By: Michael Rosenkranz

5 Examples of Japanese Words( with English translation).

Konnichiwa (hello)

Hajimemashite (how are you?)

San (Mr./Miss/Mrs.)

Sayonara (goodbye)

Watashi no namae wa... (My name is...)

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3 Reasons To Learn Japanese

1. It is a very unique language with 4 different writing systems called: Hiragana, katakana, kanji and romaji.

2. It's very easy.

3. You will be able to communicate in Japanese with the people of Japan.

5 Facts About Japanese

1. The numbers are in the Chinese origin.

2. The characters are written with various shapes and represent meanings in English.

3. It is widely spoken in, well, Japan.

4. There are some times when you have to use formal and informal meanings.

5. Formal is when you are talking to your boss or teacher. Informal is when you are talking to your best friend.

5 Japanese Cognates

1. gita (guitar)

2. piano (piano)

3. boru (ball)

4. basukettoboru (basketball)

5. chokoreto (chocolate)