South America


Brazil is a diverse country with many interesting things.


The story of Brazil's independence is quite a bit different from ours. It all started when France Invaded Portugal after they supported Britain in a war between France and England. The ruler, Prince John, fled to Brazil to escape the battle. Eventually Rio became the capital of Portugal. Later, John returned to Portugal and left his son Pedro to rule Brazil. Pedro later on declared independence from Portugal.
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The animals of the Amazon are very unique, as the Amazon Rainforest is one of the most bio diverse ecosystems in the world. The Amazon has over 1,500 kinds of birds. Home to anacondas, the longest snake in the world. Sloths and capybras, the largest rodent in the world, also live there. Howling monkeys jump between the trees.

Ants,beetles,butterflies ,mosquitoes all live in the amazon

Home to wide jawed boa constrictors and caimans, aligatorlike reptiles.


The government of the Brazil is affecting it's economy, but I'm not sure if it is intentionally in a good way or what the people say. In 2001, Brazil set aside more than 7,700 sq. mi. of land for Native Americans. President Dilma Rouseff has retained the previous administration's to inflammation targeting the central bank.
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Brazil celebrates many holidays, but some are more popular than others. Carnival on Feb. 17 is one of the most popular holidays in Brazil. The most famous festival is in Rio de Janeiro, celebrated with parades and dancing. Children's Day on Oct. 12 is celebrated with parents giving their children presents. Navidad (Christmas) is celebrated with Papai Noel exchanging socks hung in windows with presents. Secret Santas are also popular.
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