Maxwell/ Ciesielski 2nd grade

February 13-19


Officer Buckle and Gloria

This is one of my favorite stories! Please take a minute and enjoy this classic with your child. Here is a link to the book being read on youtube.

Our spelling words this week:

cannot, pancake, maybe, baseball, playground, someone, myself, classroom, sunshine, outside, upon, nothing, into, inside, nobody, everywhere

Vocabulary words: obeys, safety, attention, buddy, station, speech, shocked, enormous

Learning Goals: I can read, write and spell compound words.

I can determine cause and effect in a story.

I can identify the schwa sound in words. If you don't know what that is, this is when an A makes a short u sound, usually at the end of a word.

We hope to have an appearance sometime this week from Hobart's real life Officer Buckle and Gloria . . . .Officer Gresser and Scout! They are a great canine team that spends a lot of time in our district!


We are continuing our unit on money and time. This week we will focus on telling time on analog clocks. This is a tricky skill for modern day children (who are much more familiar with digital clocks.) Please practice this skill at home. Perhaps analog clocks will one day become the rotary dial phone, but for now, we need to learn how to read them!

Learning goal:

I can tell time on an analog clock.

Valentine's Day

Our party will be Tuesday afternoon. Your child should bring Valentine's for each of their classmates. A list of names was sent home a while back. . . .if you need another have your child ask tomorrow.