Is Apple Treating Workers Fairly?

What Would You Think if You Saw These Working Conditions?

What Is Apple Hidding?

On September 10, a worker named Shi Zhaokun died of pneumonia after working long hours in an Apple factory in China that produces Apple's new iPhone 5c, says the Huffington Post. Shi is among five other workers that had dead of similar conditions in the Pegatron Corporation that employed them. Shi was also an underage and over worked laborer. Shi was 15 years old, which is one year under the limit for Apple workers. Shi also worked, like many others, 12 hours a day, six days a week, which again, is against Apple policies.
Apple's Foxconn Working Conditions

Investigation Unravels Unethical Enviroment

But is there more to the story than just iPhones and iPads? China Labor Watch investigates one of Apples suppliers, Pagatron. Daily Tech states, "After a thorough investigation and over 200 interviews with Pegatron employees, China Labor Watch discovered 86 labor rights violations -- which consisted of 36 legal violations and 50 ethical violations." These violations included poor working conditions, hiring discrimination, environmental pollution, excessive working hours, underage labor, insufficient wages, and poor living conditions. So think about that the newt time you pick up your iPhone.