Sloan Creek Intermediate School

The Leopard- January 11th

Are you ready to TACKLE the CHALLENGE?

3 Focuses for High Reliability

Bright Spots

Sunny Bradshaw, Nancy Wojcik, Jeana Caton, Tammy Cooper, and Angie Rexford : Tackle the Challenge Bright Spot They tackled the challenge again this year of our cross curricular Historical Essay. This is no small assignment and because of their willingness to jump off the deep end with us the essays are truly incredible once they are done refining them! Thanks 6th Grade English, you ROCK!!

Melissa Wilson: Flexibility Bright Spot Not only does she have to be flexible to share her classroom with her partner teacher each day, she also has to be flexible in her schedule to accommodate having just 1 planning time. All elective teachers are flexible when the schedule changes for any assembly or presentation and they do not get to see their classes. Melissa goes with the flow!

If you know a staff member who should be considered for a Bright Spot in Technology Integration, Flexibility, Student Engagement, Tackling the Challenge or Cognitive Demand, Communication, Formative Assessment, or Grow Each Child send Ms. Peschke their name, the category, and why you are nominating them.

We are open to your feedback for improvment

In an effort to gauge how our leadership team is doing in supporting you, each 9 weeks our leadership team asks for direct and honest feedback to continually improve the our campus. This direct and honest feedback is key in allowing us to do our best work in supporting your leadership.

Click here to give us feedback on how our leadership teams are doing

Nuts and Bolts


(See SCIS master academic calendar here)

Do you have duty this week?

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Monday, January 11

***Ensure that you have documented that you have made actual contact with your legacy leadership award winners parents by 4:00 p.m.***

We are still missing some of your print ready paragraphs about your nominations and documentation on the form below that you have actually spoken to parents (or gotten a confirmation email) so that these two parents are able to attend this Friday.

Please follow through with these two items by 4:00 p.m. on Monday by writing your print ready paragraph and personally contacting these two sets of parents so that the can attend this Friday's award ceremony if you have not done so already.

Tuesday, January 12

5th math unit 6

Day #2 for CPI Training for C.O.R.E. Team 3:15 p.m. at admin building

Wednesday, January 13

PTA Council 10:30-4

Staff Meeting-PD 3:15-5:00 Topic: How can we create a system where 100% of our kids get what they need 100% of the time in the areas of PST, 504, and Sped?

Thursday, January 14

5th Science Test Earth Sci

Report Cards go home by Homeroom

Friday, January 15

**Alternate Schedule**

7:45 Students Report to homeroom for attendance.

7:50-Leadership Awards and Attendance Awards students called down to gym

8:00-Grade levels called to gym over PA. All students LEAVE bags in homerooms/lockers

8:10-8:30- Attendance Awards-Read by Ray and Lara

8:30-10:00 Leadership Awards-Read by each teacher

10:00-10:54- Homeroom "One Little Word" project

5th period as normal

6th period as normal

7th period as normal

1:15- 1:30- Return to homeroom, drop bags

1:30-2:30- School Wide Spelling Bee

2:30-2:45- Return to homeroom to get bags and release at bell

School Wide Spelling Bee 1:15 pm

Kathleen Bankes B-Day (Saturday)

Three day weekend!


Monday, January 18th

MLK Day- No School. PD Make up for those who missed a day of L@L

Tuesday, January 19th

5th GT ELAR Elem of Drama Exam

Health and Wellness/PST committee 3:15-4:00

Wednesday, January 20th

Susan Powell B-Day

6GT LAVA 3.1

Staff Meeting-Vertical 3:5-4:30

LISD Board Mtg 7:00pm

Thursday, January 21st

Friday, January 22nd

Legacy read kick off In class

A Team 8:30-10

6th Math short Assessment

End of the Progress Report period.

E Payne B-Day on Saturday, January 23rd

Brooke Grall B-Day on Sunday, January 24th


Monday, January 25th

**GRADES ARE DUE** Monday morning 7:45 a.m.

Health and Wellness/PST committee 3:15-4:00

Tuesday, January 26th

Kelly visit 5th grade for registration info

SC/WS Choir Solo Contest

Technology Think Tank

Progress Reports Home

6th ELAR STORYTELLER in lib all day

Legacy Leaders Leadership Pilot- 6:00-7:30 p.m. in Cafeteria

Wednesday, January 27th

Kelly visit 5th grade for registration info

5th math unit 7
Staff Meeting-ILT

6th Earth Science Exam

Thursday, January 28th

Kelly visit 5th grade for registration info. (makeups)

Book signing at 6:00-7:00

5th legacy author visit

6th Earth Science Exam

Friday, January 30th

5th grade fine arts showcase WSMS

A Team 8:30-10

6th Math short Assessment


** = Action Items **

Reminder Regarding Expectations Re-Set


Have you taken time to revisit your co-created expectations and class norms yet? If not, the Spring semester can be a challenge. Please remember that our expectation was for each teacher to revisit these during the first week of instruction.

1. In your opinion, do our co-created class norms meet our needs?

2. How might we improve our class norms/expectations to make the spring semester even better?

3. What behaviors do you see as a class that you would like for others to extinguish?

4. What goals should our class set for the remainder of the year?

5. What goals do you have for the Spring?

Please let Lara or I know when each of you are having this "reset" conversation of our so we can support you.

Remember that we want to use our 7 habits as the foundation for this reflect on their thinking and behavior. Allyson also has TONS of great resources for you as you prepare for the first week back.

SCIS Master Academic Calendar

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Lesson Planning

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