The Learning Letter

April 8th, 2016

One Book, One School Author...

The Windows and Mirrors of Your Child's Bookshelf | Grace Lin | TEDxNatick

Published Book Project!

For those of you participating in the published book project our deadline is quickly approaching! Wednesday, April 27th, I will be collecting and packaging your kits to send to the publisher. Please send the order forms home to your parents. Reminder: NO CASH! We will only accept credit or check. Please cross out the option for cash. Teachers will receive a free copy of the book! Any questions, please ask! Thank you!

Teaching at the Speed of Learning...

Daro Teach at the Speed of Learning

Advice for Parents about Learning Math

Jo Boaler has written a short handout for parents /guardians that includes some advice and ways to guide students in their mathematical journeys. There are also some helpful links to areas of her youcubed site that parents can go to for more resources.

Connections Between Practices in NGSS, ELA, and MATH

Take a look through this presentation by Sarah Michaels to learn more about what our content areas have in common.

Earth Day Activity

Here is an area activity for Earth Day coming up on April 22nd! I can see it being adapted to be used at different grade levels by adjusting the language (vocabulary).

The CHAT & CHEW is back!

On Thursday, you may have noticed your students engaged in conversation during lunch time about Where the Mountain Meets the Moon. Here are some of the slides to promote purposeful talk. FUN! So neat to hear perspectives across the grade levels.


We're always looking for more texts! Informational, mystery, jokes, texts in spanish, fairy tales, procedural, etc...check out EPIC! This is a FREE online resource that can be viewed on your computer or through an app. Audio is also available for some of our early or reluctant readers! FREE for educators!

In Miss Guido's Room...

This week, Jenn asked her students to choose an emoji that described how they felt about fractions! These responses were just too great not to share! #growthmindset
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When Teachers Learn

Check out Kylene's latest blog post titled, "When Teachers Learn." There is also a link to her commentary of "What Matters Most: Considering the Issues and Conversations We Need to Have."
Math 2.0, Common Core Explained: Part 4 — This Man Reinvented Math