I first joined a robotics team when my friend joined in beginning of 7th grade, but I had always been interested in science, math, engineering, ect. From the begining I was hooked and have been sence.


 I am on FIRST frc robotics team, 2881 The Lady Cans. One of about 10, out of the hundreds of teams in the nation that is an all girl team, and one of 4 that is a Girl Scout team. All the girls on the team are supper close we are like a family.We all range in age from 6th to 12th grade. Being an all girl team we defentily sickout comaped to the other teams, we are knowen as the ducked tape girls; we tape everything from shoes to tools. We just have fun with it.


Each year we get a challenge we will then compete agesit temes around the nation this year challege was called rebound rumble. The objective was to make your robot play basketball. Your robot could only be 5 feet tall and 120 pounds; ours was exsatly that. I was one the drive team this consits of 4 people. The two drivers one two conrol the drive tain of the robot, and one to control the arm. The coach she tells the drivers what to do and the human player. I was the human player; my gaol was to thow balls thought a shut as hard is I can and hope to get them to the other side.