Mr. Mahmoud's Pre-AP Bio Newsletter

Beginning of the Year and Biochemistry


Hello, everyone, and welcome to what I hope will become an incredibly productive and engaging school year! As I'm sure the kids have told you, I run things a bit differently in my class. Although it may take some getting used to, I can assure you it has been incredibly successful in helping the students build ownership in their own learning and learn to truly appreciate science instead of just memorize it. If you haven't already, please watch my Flipped Syllabus below to help explain how I run things.
Flipped Syllabus 15

Accessing my Google Site

For my class, it is just as important to access and utilize my Google site as it is to attend class each day. The site is

Students must use the Google Chrome browser. They will be prompted to login to their chrome account. They must use their myPISD logn with their username as (For most kids) and their password that was set up from a school computer.

We should have resolved any login issues, but if a student still cannot access my site, have them see me ASAP.

Important Dates for Biochemistry