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DropVox - Record Voice Memos to DropBox

Use DropVox to capture your spoken ideas, reminders, and more. Later, you can listen to your recordings on your desktop computer using QuickTime or iTunes, or on your iOS device using DropVox's own app.

Imagine teacher's being able to add voice instructions or comments in Edmodo or iTunes U since DropVox syncs to DropBox. Dropbox provides links allowing teachers to provide those links for students to access anything within their Dropbox.

• Quickly record audio and send it directly to your Dropbox account, saving you time and effort.
• Compressed M4A audio files sound great while saving you storage space and bandwidth.
• Background uploading so you can continue working with other applications*.
• Full Accessibility with VoiceOver.
• Option: Start recording immediately when DropVox launches. This makes voice recording a single click operation!

An example of a DropVox recording is below.