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And Make Money From Home (or the Beach or Mountain)! :)

Project A.W.O.L. Reality Show Season 1 Episode 2

This video is full of great information!

It really makes you feel like anyone can do it!

Why you need this:

* If you want a flexible schedule? Pick your hours.
* Want to make something more out of your life? Use your talents.
* Need training or coaching to increase your income? Lots of training!
* Not employable for a regular job? (or don't want to)
* Want to be a stay at home parent? Caregiver? Again, work in as you want.
* Market your business as you want. We are all unique and special in our abilities and personalities.

Find your voice. Find your vision. Find clarity for your future. Get clear why you are here on earth.

Peace and love
Much Success

Go ahead and get all in now :)

Another cool video on one of the owners, David Sharp, of Empower Network talking -- and a few top earners sharing info as well. Just click this link. Hit backspace if you need to get back to this page.

Testimonials from members!

Here are some recent case studies coming in from fellow AWOL'ers:

* Hi Guys. Just received my first signup from the Call Floor. Very excited and thanks to Josh and Josh and Project AWOL for this feature. This entire front-end outsourcing was a big "ah ha" moment for me. So thanks for everything. - Gary Chappelle

* I Made over $1,000 by leveraging AWOL system with my team. My team loves the training and the wonderful support from AWOL. This is my home and place to grow my young team! Enjoy and I wish you much success and personal Growth with both Empower and Project Awol! - Clinton Douglas IV

* What a day I had! I was out getting loose ends tied up in preps for the move to Bali, having dinner with a friend, came home checked my EN back office and noticed 5 members rolled in... 3 from the call floor, and 2 from personal relationships I built the past few days! Wow, we have such an amazing system at our finger tips! - Lindy Davis