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Info from SC's first Expeditionary Learning (EL) High School

Gator Bites - Week of September 22, 2014

What to expect of Gator Bites

We will use this digital platform this year to communicate current and upcoming events and information for all stakeholders interested in River Bluff High School. We will post and send out each week to communicate with you. Go Gators!

A Look Back and Ahead at Professional Learning at RBHS - Week 4

Week 4 - Habits of Scholarship Redox - Personal Responsibility

Teachers in 8 Professional Learning Community groups engaged last week in the introduction to Habits of Scholarship and using Schoology to collect and rate evidence for Personal Responsibility.

Week 4 will include digging deeper into the Habits of Scholarship, specifically Personal Responsibility within a session facilitated by Luke and Ron. From Berger's text Leaders of Their Own Learning, a student at Renaissance School in Springfield, MA, commented on her Habits of Work to the Governor of Massachusetts, "those are the most important targets of all. They are the study skills and habits we need to succeed in college and life. You have to focus on them here. That's why we all go to college" (p. 21).

We look forward to continuing our learning of RBHS's Habits of Scholarship.

Gators of the Week - Work hard. Get smart. Do good.

Gator of the Week - Brandon Tillmon

Work hard. Brandon Tillmon after week 2 of the football season was honored by the Columbia Touchdown Club as the Offensive Player of the Week for his performance on the field. Pictured are his father Coach Ricky Tillmon, Dr. Clamp and Coach Bennett. We are so proud of Brandon's leadership on our Varsity Football Team.

Gators of the Week - National Merit Semifinalists

Get Smart: Pictured here are the five seniors who were honored as National Merit Semifinalist for their PSAT scores in comparison to their peers in the country. They represent the top 1 % of seniors graduating in 2015.

From Left to Right:
Logan Blankenbeckler
James Laurence
Qiang Zhang
Jonathan Aldinger
Matthew Clapp

Gators of the Week - Sarah Salters

Do good. Sarah Salters our school nurse, was recognized as a Gator Great for her quick response to a student in medical need at a recent RBHS Football Game. Her rapid response and quick assessment of needs, had a huge impact on the EMS personnel assisting to support our student. Excellent job Sarah.

Ken Turner: RBHS Teacher of the Year

Ken Turner was honored this past week as our Teacher of the Year. We are so proud to work with and along side Ken.

EL Design Principle in Action

The Primacy of Self-Discovery

Learning happens best with emotion, challenge, and the requisite support. People discover their abilities, values, passions, and responsibilities in situations that offer adventure and the unexpected. In Expeditionary Learning schools, students undertake tasks that require perseverance, fitness, craftsmanship, imagination, self-discipline, and significant achievement. A teacher’s primary task is to help students overcome their fears and discover they can do more than they think they can.

Several CREWs on Friday had an amazing opportunity to seek adventure off campus and to learn. Hats off to Jason Ignet for organizing the trip for CREW at the Zoo with Mr. Overbay, Mrs. Moore, Mrs. Price, Mrs. Ray and Frau Goho and their CREWs.

CREWs were originally planning to go tubing on the Saluda River, but with an unexpected storm and uncertain circumstances each CREW helped decide on viable alternatives so we could spend a day together without cancelling. CREWs worked with their CREW leaders, CREW leaders and chaperones worked together as a faculty, and the Zoo became our new (much safer) destination. The trip was incredibly significant because it showed that sometimes you just have to take a risk and hope that it pays off. More often than not, it will in some way. All CREW members showed great understanding, flexibility, and enthusiasm despite the change in plans, and it helped show them that nothing is ever certain, things change, but in the end everything will work out - optimism was key.

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Special Events on Campus this Week and Next

Education Foundation Ambassador Workshop

Tuesday, Sep. 23rd, 7:30-10:30am

320 Corley Mill Rd

Lexington, SC

River Bluff High School will be hosting business leaders from our community in an Ambassador Workshop on Tuesday, September 23, 2014. They will learn about our district from Dr. Woodward and then take a tour and debrief with our students about RBHS.

Dr. Woodward to Visit RBHS

Monday, Sep. 29th, 4-5pm

320 Corley Mill Rd

Lexington, SC

Dr. Woodward will present the district's vision next Monday. We will meet in the River Cafe at 3:45 PM with a special treat from a local business partner before hearing from Dr. Woodward. This will serve as our first Gator Forum of the year.

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