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BLT Newsletter

This is the first installment of the BLT newsletter. In an effort to communicate the essential information from the Building Leadership Team (BLT), I will be putting together this document each month to share with all of you. The information contained here is a summary of the important discussion had by the BLT each month. The BLT members are MIchelle Burgy, Lora Johnson, Julie Reuther, Julie Chivari, Sue Tydd, Lynette Olexa, Kathy Gaddis, Tracy Hegna, Kim Ketzel, Paula Helfrecht, and Megan Bartlett. If you have any questions or concerns to share with the BLT, please contact any of these hard working people.

Update on Parking

The parking lot project has been underway since the middle of November. As of Monday, November 30, the concrete work is complete. The gravel surface of the lot is very wet from the snow and rain. Even so, we are planning to park on the lot as of December 1, 2015. Please monitor your e-mail for changes to this plan and alternate parking instructions should the ground prove too soggy for regular use.

Parent University

I had asked for suggestions from staff for some parent activities that we could host here at Hope Wall to augment what was being done through Parent University. I received a couple of suggestions that I will be sharing with the BLT. The suggestions included not only presentations on current and post-secondary community resources, but also services for parents and families (such as wheelchair cleaning).

As the ideas take a more definite shape, I will be seeking volunteers to help coordinate these events. Please consider lending your time and talents to assisting with our Parent University offerings.


The BLT discussed technology concerns earlier in the school year, and I wanted to share some of that discussion with you, as well. Some rooms have reported wireless connectivity problems and issues with consistent connection to the internet. These issues have been reported to technology, and are being addressed. Some classrooms have reported issues with the eBeam technology that we use to make our whiteboards interactive. I have begun to have discussions with the technology department about replacing the eBeam technology with newer, more user-friendly technology. I will continue to update you on this situation as a plan develops.

Summer Work

The canopy project is scheduled to take place this summer. That work will take place outside in the front of the building. We don't have a schematic design for the project at this time. When the final drawing becomes available, I will share that with staff. If you have any questions regarding the canopy project, please see me.

Asbestos abatement will be taking place in parts of the building this summer, too. Work is scheduled to begin after July 1, 2016. Staff in the parts of the building where abatement will take place will need to pack up any loose items in their classrooms and clear all desks and counter tops. Permanent cabinets will be left in place and covered with plastic. All walls will also be covered in plastic. I will order boxes for staff to use to pack their rooms. Additionally, I will share a map of the work area soon so we all know what areas will need to be packed up.

As some of these areas may be needed for summer school, we will need to decide what materials are essential for students to benefit from ESY activities. Teacher will then be asked to pack all but those items at the end of the year. The summer school staff will then be responsible for packing up the remaining items on the last day of ESY. Incidentally, June 28 is scheduled as a full work day for ESY staff to accommodate this additional clean-up and packing. Exact details of this plan will be shared at a later date.

Again...if you have any questions, please see me.