Let's Help Stop Child Abuse

Presentation By Jadarius Wilkerson

Please Help The Ones Who Care Stop Child Abuse

About, 1.5 million kids a day are being abused let help cure their feelings, and get out there, and lets get something done.If you were inside of an abuser's body then how would you feel.Some parents depend on abusing a kid.Using fist, or belting never solves a problem it only makes things worst.If an bruise looks like they are being abused then get in touch with an police officer or someone else don't solve it on your own.

Everywhere in the world.........

Everywhere in the world there are ones who care out taking there time in their life away to get out and do something.Proverbs 27:17 Iron sharpens iron as one man sharpens another, so why don't we sharpen kids skills to tell someone about what is going on at their family house.Every chapter in the one and only Holy Bible means something to someone just like a child's life should mean something if they are being treated wrong.

If you talk to a kid who u think is being abused and they tell you every single thing about how it is to be abused you will learn lots of things i mean you will will learn.To the kids that are being abused you should get in touch will someone really fast, someone who u know that will do something about it.


Child abuse, is at any place you can think of from Canada to China anywhere.From how I researched you can't imagine how many kids get abused,or physical abused eachday of your life.Quick question if you were abused what would you do, or do to put an stop to it.For children and Minors keep this in mind for adults keep this in mind if someone is being abused