The Free Glader

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Book requirements

  • Authors are Paul Stewart and Chris RIddell
  • Publisher by David Fickling Books
  • ISBN 0-385-75082-X
  • Genre of book is fantasy
  • no awards

Personal Review

The book starts off in the future with Twig dead and his grandson living under Under town with a group of people called librarians who are going across the land to the freeglade. As they travel across they run into some problems like people running away, attacks, and also phantom like beings attacking. After they get near to the freeglade they get attacked by chicken people who want to kill all of them. During this battle Rook was asleep the whole time do to a storm hitting him with full force with magical properties. When the battle ends Rook wakes up, but has no memroy of current events.

After they pack up and leave for the free glade Rook gets asked to go to a lullaby forest which is n area to heal him. Once he goes there he remembers who he was and his family. After getting out of the lullaby forest he goes off to join the free glade army and quickly becomes solider. After a while off everyone getting situated and comfortable they get attacked by trolls who want to enslave them all. During the battle Rook and his friends fight along side him to save free glade.

Partner titles

The first book is Beyond the deep woods which it is about a boy name Twig who grow up in a forest with a kind called woodtrolls. As the boy grows up to the age of twelve he learns that he is not the son of the family he grow up with but a son of a sky pirate. After learning this he also learns that there are pirates coming to take him away, so his parents tell him to go to his uncles home. When he leaves on a trail throw the forest he decides to leave the path. After many problems accord and loss of friends he finds the sky pirates who where going to get him and it turns out the captain was his father and his name is Cloud wolf

The second book is called stromchaser and it follows the story of Twig and him going on an adventure with his father. While him and his father are on a job assigned to them it goes bad and the ship is badly damage and have no cargo. After returning to their boss she tells them she has job for them ,but it is dangerous. They have to go chase a storm that is no normal storm it is a sanphrax storm which is basically a tornado that comes. The storm resales a crystal they need to keep Sanctaphrax in the sky. After excepting the job they go off and chase the storm, but they have to abounded ship except the father stays on. After landing they get the sanphrax and head home to get there reward.

The third is midnight over Sanctaphrax is about Twig. After the accident with Twig losing his father in the storm he learns that his father is still alive inside something called a mother storm. The mother storm is a storm that comes and replenishes the earth with water, but those who enter and stay to long die. When Twig meets his father he is about to die and so his father tells him that Sanctaphrax is in the way of the mother storm to replenish the earth. After learning this he and his crew get launched all over the edge and don't remember anything expect stone pilot . After losing his crew Twig goes off to find them and learn what happened in the storm and releases sanctaphrax from the anchor that is holding it and it leaves forever.

The fourth is the Last of the Sky Pirates which is about Twigs grandson Rook. He is apart of a group of people called the Liberians. He goes off to the free glade to learn how to fly a sky craft. After arriving and learning how to fly he goes on an assault on the foundry glades. While there he frees a banderbear which goes off with him after he gets shot in the chest. While with the banderbear he meets Twig who has a sky ship the last one. After finding this out he goes of to the tower o midnight to go save and old friend of theirs.

The fifth book is called Vox. After the assault on midnight tower Rook is patrolling the sky with hos little make shift sky craft enjoying the air when he gets shot down and lands in Scree town which is an area full of monsters. While in there he finds an old friend of his how is the leader of the ghost of scree town which is a resistant to the other gangs except for the librarians. After finding him he goes of home but gets captured and is forced to work as a slave for man named Vox. After learning he works for Vox he goes meet him and learns there is a storm coming that will wipe out everything at under town and most go to the free glades. He goes to the base and tells everyone to pack everything and leave. They leave to go to the free glade, but the storm breaks loose. Will they make it?

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