Sharks !

From the phylum Chordata, class chonorichthyes

Sharks body parts

As doctors who study sharks, elasmobranchologists, we discover what body structures sharks use effectively. Their sandpaper like skin made of placoid scales is used for protection against enemies and unwanted fish. Pectoral fins are used to steer them as they swim (found at the front). Pelvic fins are used to stabilize the shark (found in the center on the bottom). Dorsal fins are the most common and also used for more stabilization (at the top, seen when swimming close to the top). Caudal fins propel the shark through water, acting as a propeller on a boat. Gills are a unique structure located on the side of the shark and used for respiration underwater.
Different species of shark include the Goblin shark, Hammerhead shark, Bull shark, Tiger shark, and Great White shark.

Shark reproduction

The female and male sharks conceive pups (live baby sharks) by fertilizing the eggs through sexual reproduction as humans do. Some species develop a pouch of eggs and lay them in a safe place until they hatch