Mountains of Central Asia

By Jacob G. And Braidon B.


The mountains of Central Asia are a hotspot because of civil disputes with humans. The humans in the nearby counties are fighting causing the biodiversity in the mountains and surrounding deserts to be put under stress.
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The diversity in wildlife in Central Asia is large. Form low dwelling mules to mountain climbing goats, Central Asia has plenty of wildlife.

Why is it a Hotspot?

There are various plants and animals that thrive in the mountainous climates and conditions. These species are threatened by humans in a local conflict.


There is an increase in human population causing habitat destruction to create houses. Unregulated hunting making animal numbers decline. Overgrazing by domesticated animals, poaching of rare or hard to kill creatures, and uncontrollable forest fire.


Only 7% of the hotspot is under official protection, and international donors, including Global Environment Facility, as well as WWF, and Fauna and Flora International.


The Central Asia mountains consist of Pamir and the Tien Shan. The Pamir mountains range from plateaus to sharp ridges and valleys. A large valley called the Fergana valley separates the Tiem Shan from the Pamir mountains. The Tiem Shan in a mountain range mad of sharp peaks.
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