Beach Erosion

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Beach Erosion is an Ongoing Problem

U.S. Enviornmental Protection Agency estimates between 80 and 90 percent of the sandy beach

Beach Erosion Not Simply “Shifting Sands”

According to Stephen Leatherman (“Dr. Beach”) of the National Healthy Beach Campaign, beach erosion is defined by the actual removal of sand from a beach to deeper water offshore or alongshore into inlets, tidal shoals and bays. Such erosion can result from any number of factors, including the simple inundation of the land by rising sea levels resulting from the melting of the polar ice caps.

Does this issue affect our lives in league city?

No, it could not affect this area because we do not have any beaches.

Are people affected by this?

yes, because the fishers have to go further off shore to catch more fish.

Who or what causes this issue?

Coastal Erosion (Beach Erosion) in any form is usually a one-way trip. Man-made techniques such as beach nourishment whereby sand is dredged from off-shore sources and deposited along otherwise vanishing beaches may slow the process.

What are solutions that people could use to prevent beach erosion?

This is a natural event and cannot be prevented.
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Could there be a solution at all?

No, but if the waves slowed down, it can be prevented.