Why we are...

Bored, Hot, tired, hungry, making a random smore & more.

By: Amber and Raeleigh, 2 bored people.

Why we are bored

Because we are doing NOTHING and being on the computers for like ever is boring.
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Why we are hot

There is NO air conditioner in here!! >:(
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Why we are tired

Because we didn't get enough sleep last night, and we are always tired. Also, being bored makes us sleepy...
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Why we are hungry

Because we didn't have a lot of lunch, and we are always hungry... And we eat and eat and eat.. so yeah... Oh and being bored makes us hungry...
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Why we are making a random smore

Because we are letting you know all of these things... and we are telling you why we are making a random smore! :D
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This was made...On April 2nd, 2014; At 1:40pm; in the computer lab at NZISD school