Journalism performance final

February edition


Political dissidence increase in Russia. Vladimar Putin, as a way to ease the tension of protesters, gave amnesty to some political protesters. However, the Russian government continues its actions of violating human rights of its citizens and the copious amounts of police brutality. All is revealed as the journalist responsible for this article gets into depth on the crises happening in Russia.

The author gets the real Russia into the light: a tyrannical, communistic, and unstable country. The Russian governmet is guilty of unjust arrest and brutality; in fact, Russian police beat a man for throwing a lemon at one of them. Not only that, corruption is rampant throughout the Russian government. For example, one of Putin's friends is being charged for funneling 2$ million out of the country. Putin is too incompetent to run the country and should be impeached from office. On another note, the style of the article is great.

Critique #2

The author is criticizing Roger, the current chair of the House Permanent Select committee on intelligence, for his constitutional activities Along with Congress, Roger has concealed information from the public; in fact, they've sworn to punish anyone, including members of congress, for leaking information without a consensus from Congress. SO when Snowden leaked information about NSA, the giant spying network, Roger denounced Snowden as a traitor against the American republic. Roger and " Gang of 12" are just notable examples of the assault on freedom that this article heralds.

The author expresses an patriotic view in the article; this article would be for people who are concerned about America. He exposes the corruption in the United States government and preaches for a change leadership. On another note, the style of the article is great; He speaks the voice that know citizen has. This article fits under Op-ed.

Critique #3

CDC, the center of disease control, is taking thew initiative of treating diseases fro m the source instead of treating people.CDC encourages countries to donate money to them and some countries did; United States donated 2$ million to support the action. Furthermore, CDC also encourages countries to inform them of diseases before before it turns viral. This new plan is said to be less costly than treating people from diseases.

The author's objective for the article is to tell how CDC is planning on stopping outbreaks; the intended audience are people who care about the possibilities of diseases. The author does not present any viewpoints whatsoever; this article is meant to simply inform people of what CDC is doing new.Stylistically, the auther is straightforward and just p[resents the necessary information, which I like. This article would fit under feature.

critique #4

Daniel Hernandez, the author of the article, recounts his past experience at a 24-hour suicide prevention hotline. Daniel too suffered from a sort of trauma; his brother got cancer and his parents died. So, as a way to help others with their grief, he volunteered at the hotline.

The article, in my opinion, is emotionally endearing and nice. I love how the author uses his past tragedies as a way to connect to the story; the writing style of the article speaks of someone who has a heart. This article should be under Op-ed


Critics are saying that Common core, an educational program, is failing its objective for educating youth. After its implementation, test scores have plummeted over the nation. Teachers say that youth have less ambition to learn and most of them are lagging behind. people are protesting to change the curriculum and talks in Washington say the same too.

The is article is informative for people who care about the educational system. The author wrote this in order to inform the populace about the lagging educational system. The one problem about this article is that it doesn't bother to interview the students about the issue. Given the fact that their the products of system, it would be interesting to hear their insight. The style is concise; I like it. This would fit under feature of the The Roar.


Another major chemical spill occurred in West Virginia's Elk river, cutting off the water supply for its vagrants. This is a notable example on the lax industrial regulations in west Virginia: " Ms. Rosser and others noted that the site of the spill has not been subject to a state or federal inspections since 1991." Coal and chemical industries have a huge hand in the economy of West Virginia; thus they have a huge grip when it comes to politics. Although progress to clean the spill is progressing smoothly, others are saying that this is one of many to come.

The article presents the crisis happening West Virginia clearly, but could expand on viewpoints. The author seems to stride more on the environmental group's side rather than expose the reader to perspective of industry's side. Other than that, there isn't much to change about the article. This could fit in feature portion our school newspaper.

Critque #7

The Taliban, during their reign in the Middle East, destroyed or stole Afghan relics. Years later, many of those relics have been recovered by archaeologists through hard search and sanctioned in the national museum. Relics that have been destroyed have been pieced backed together. many have viewed this as an act of defiance against the Taliban and thus they support it.

The new York times is known for its lengthy articles and the amount of details in their typical article. The article presents it point very clearly: ancient relics have been recovered; no ambiguity whatsoever. This could fit in the feature section of our school newspaper.

Critique #8

Planetary sciences are receiving a lot of information over the past years, or, as the article puts it , " stamp collecting." advances in technology has allowed planetologists to study planets beyond our asteroid field. Astronomers can also measure the sizes,atmospheric density, and any life giving properties of planets; they might even find another Earth. Scientists around the world are using the accumulation information to better understand out solar system.

This article is great for people who have a love for planets or science in general. The article doesn't present any viewpoints but is very informative. This article could fit in the feature page of the school newspaper.


Abu Khattab , a Saudi hospital administrator and ex-jihadist, recounts his time in Al-Qaeda. Back then, he was " pursuing jihad in his holiday break, now he works in a program to deter young people from the path of jihad. What caused Abu's determent was when he found out that his " fellow rebels" bombed a hospital that resulted in the death of two children.

The article presents the story as if it's a novel; it goes into great depth and presents minor details that typical articles don't present. They take note on the way Abu looks and how he reacts to certain comments or questions. There is nothing to change about the overall structure of the paragraph. This can fit in the feature portion of the The roar.


During a basketball game in Pyongyang, Dennis Rodman, Ex- Chicago Bulls and Detroit Pistons, sung happy birthday to Kim Jung Un,a North Korean dictator. Dennis Rodman was to establish " basketball diplomacy" between him and Kim. Dennis's song aroused controversy and brought into question whether American players should compete against North Korean players.

The overall structure of the essay is perfect. The article leaves little trace of personal biases and is straightforward. The article informs readers whom want to know about any major scandals, particular international ones. There isn't much to write to write about this article.

Critque #11

Science and major fields have high drop out rates as STEM students switch to other majors. Although students grow up liking math and science through elementary and high school, this growth is deterred as STEM students go through introductory math and science classes. Politicians and colleges are finding ways to combat this problem of the dwindling STEM majors.

The article is for people who want to know more about the lack of STEM-related employees. The article is a feature personal biases are in this article. The article overall is perfect and i love everything about it. This article should be under feature.

Critique #12

A Student at Rock Bridge High school, Jilly Dos Santo, starts a movement against the school boards decision to push back the start of school from 7:50 to 7:20. She believes this decision will have a backlash on the mental health of the Students at school: depression, increase on drug usage, and car crash rates. However, some parents, in contrast, advocate the school boards' decision because it would help with extracurricular, student job's and such. The school board voted for Jilly in the end.

This article is good for people who want to know the effects of time for school to start on students. This article presents all sides equally and that's what I like about. The structure of the article is perfect. This should be labeled under feature.

Critique # 13 (longform)

Ed koch tries to cut spending going to the oppressive military regime of Uruguay. As a result, the military leaders of Uruguay have sent assassins to kill Ed Koch as a way to silence abettors against them. Ed Koch, along with his colleague Flynn, must find a way to evade the deadly assassinated attempts. Will they live? Read this article and find out.

The article is good for people who love history. The article tell it like a story teller would do and i approve of it. The structure is good. This would fit under feature.

Crtique #14 (longform)

The author delves into the childhood home of the Scarborough rapist, Bernardo. Bernardo lived in a abusive household in a idyllic neighborhood; thus, he started assaulting young women. The neighborhood was in a panic and parents started to watch their kids closely. The Author tells how the said rapist lived right next door to him and what it was like.

The article is good for people who want to know more about the criminal psyche. The article is told from the perspective of someone who lived during the paranoia era of Scarborough. The article's structure is good. This should be under Op-Ed.

Crtique #15 (longform)

Stephen Hill, a gay soilder, tells what's it like to be a homosexual in a heterosexually-dominated military. Growing up, he tried to repress his " homosexuality" with "scripture" and such but now he's come to terms with it and now it's a struggle. In the military, homosexuality is denounced and seen as not compatible in a muscle and metal military. So now, Stephen Hill must find a way to try and get accepted into the military and society.

The article is good for people who want to know the struggles of what it's like to be gay in the military. It gives nice insight on how Stephen struggled with being gay. The article structure's perfect and i nothing to complain about. This should be under OP-Ed.

Critique# 16

F.D.A is going against foreign drugs; " F.D.A approved" drugs are becoming more expensive than foreign which are prompting more Americans to buy foreign drugs rather than legal drugs. There are no statistical proof that there are dangers in foreign drugs. However, the government is still creating scare tactics to deter the foreign drug market because of lobbyist paying the government to this.

This article is good for people who want to know more about the corruption in the F.D.A. The author presents a view against the high cost of medication and how the F.D.A is creating a monopoly for pharmaceutical companies. The article structure is perfect and i don't want to change anything about it. This should be labeled under op-ed.

Critique #17 (longform)

The article is about two bomb disposal experts-- Sarver and Williams-- during their time in a terror crazed Iraq. Sarver is a man who lives for the thrill of the hunt; throughout his life, he has endured the dangers of the wild and faces it with a crude sense of humor. Williams is a loving father of two sons and a loving husband of a wife who does everything to do the right thing. these men recount their days in a war torn Iraq.

The article is good for people who want to know more about the personal accounts of solders in Iraq. The article structure is perfect and doesn't need any revisions. This should be labeled under Op-Ed.

Critique #18

The likelihood of a federal wage increase is low. Congress, even the lobbyists in Congress, show little incentives to increase federal wage. However, President Barrack Obama is doing everything in his power to convince congress to increase Federal wage. Unfortunately, progress has been slow and the likelihood of such a thing is still low.

The article is good for people who want to know more about Federal spending. The article presents a bias view against Congress but overall the structure and everything is perfect. This should be under feature.

Critique # 19

Noah Berlatsky explains Science fiction's tendency to have movies based on imperialism and colonialism. In almost every science fiction movie, the villains are aliens -- which represent white imperialist-- subjugating a lesser race. For instance, the article presents Star Wars as movie with colonial biases because it presents a giant force, which is called the imperials, subjugating an entire galaxy.

This article is good for people who like science fiction. the presents a view that science fiction movie are anti-colonist and such. Everything about this article is perfect and I don't think anything needs to be revised. This should be under OP-ed.

Critique # 20

A new planet, Kepler 186f, has been discovered by NASA. Kepler 186F posses properties similar to Earth, such as mild temperature so that water can flow on the surface, and lieing within the " Goldilocks zone". In addition, the size of the planet is roughly the size of Earth, giving it the name of " Earth's cousin". The planet is still being examined and the new information yet to be found.

This article is for people who like information about our solar system. Since this article is a feature, it does not present any views whatsoever. Other than a few typos, everything about the article is perfect. This article should be under feature.