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N0. 1 Autumn Term 2015 - R. Fitzpatrick

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Creative Thinking Skills for 21st Century Learners

Food For Thought:

Why Is Teaching The Best Job In The World?

For those already feeling under pressure this term, this is a good reminder of the joys of being a teacher, even when we face challenges. I came across an article recently by Paul Moss who discusses 7 reasons why teaching is the best job in the world:

1. The potential to transform lives

2. It gives you the chance to be continuously creative (focus of this issue)

3. It offers you a chance to continuously get better

4. It is a grounding, humbling profession

5. There is always satisfaction somewhere

6. It’s a chance to truly to lead the world in the 21st century

7. The children

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Self Reflection: What would you add to this list?

The focus of this Teaching & Learning Resources SMORE is CREATIVE THINKING Skills for 21st Century Learners. Many educators have a sound understanding of how to teach critical thinking skills, however some struggle for ideas on promoting creative thinking in the classroom.

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Why Creative Thinking In The Classroom?

"Creativity, ingenuity, and innovation are the keys to success in the evolving global economy. To prepare young people for work and life in the 21st century, educators must cultivate students' creativity".

"Many of the fastest-growing jobs and emerging industries rely on workers' creative capacity—the ability to think unconventionally, question the herd, imagine new scenarios, and produce astonishing work. Some of these emerging industries will generate jobs that do not even exist yet".

"Students must learn how to imagine the unimaginable and hone their creative skills".

Henderson 2008 - Read More below


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Some Interesting Articles On Creative Thinking In The Classroom

Youtube Clip ( 5 Minute) - Creativity In The Classroom - From Catherine Thimmesh

Creativity in the classroom (in 5 minutes or less!) | Catherine Thimmesh | TEDxUniversityofStThomas