Love for Family

Does the love for famly affect us

Who am I ?

My name is Kailesha Barnes I attend Schlagle High School in Kansas City Kansas. Some fun facts you should know about myself are I like to be goofy but also serious when it comes to what I want. I'm ambitious and outspoken , mostly I like to listen to music to calm myself.

Essential Question

I chose my topic because sometimes we do things out the kindness of our hearts to keep a close family member out of trouble not knowing the consequences behind it until it falls back on us. But what matters is if we go through with the idea to lie or do we walk away and think about the what falls behind the lie. Some people have soft spots in their hearts and do things out of kindness to help a family member in need even though the decision seems right at the moment we often look at if I do this will I end up in fought behind the situation or if I don't do this will my family member be upset with me. Sometimes picking between doing the right then and trying to please a family member knowing that's not a smart choice to make. Make sure whatever decision you make is best for you and that you think about the consequences behind the lie your family member is carrying and that it doesn't fall back on you.

Explanantion for topic

This topic is about the love of family can sometimes lead to trouble when we have a close bound with a family member can sometime make us choose if we need to do the right thing or do we still lie to keep them from getting into trouble. We should always put ourselves first when it involves getting into serious trouble messing up chances for getting ahead in life. I know we what to help family out but whats more important saving a families life or making a decision that could hurt you in life something bad could happen behind the actions of someone else bad decision and you trying to help them not knowing the full story.

Topic discussion

Relationships with friends, family, and co-workers can have a major impact on your everyday life. The love, support, and friendship of people who care about you can enhance the good times and may help you get through the bad. Oftentimes certain family members get closer and friends when faced with challenging situations and when difficult experiences or relationships with family members, friends, or others can cause excessive stress or challenges. Often the decisions we make can lead to bad things happen but we always have that one friend who will always have our backs and try to take up for us even though we know the situation are wrong but to cover ourselves we will be willing to let our family member take the fall for our actions. Sometimes we do dumb things not knowing the consequences or other times when we simply just do not care and do as we please so as an result a family member or close friend tries to take the blame to cover us or keep us out of trouble. When this happens we need to think about our own consequences and repercussions after the fact you've took the blame to help a family member or close friend. When it's all said and done was the decision even worth going through or take a big risk over.

What I know about the topic ?

Facts I know personally about my topic from are , knowing how close I am with a relative it's hard to see them fall and know that they've done something they should've did so you want to watch their back and keep that unbreakable bound between the two of you so you do everything in your power to protect them and cover for them. Knowing the consequences we ignore them because your distracted behind the situation and how to handle it so you do what you feel is right at the moment not caring about the consequences and repercussions. Or you may feel that those close to you have changed. Your family member that you did this favor for may not cause as much because you got them out of trouble and got yourself into deeper trouble. Your family seems to be unappreciative may because they are not sure what to say or do because of your actions or talking about the situation can cause more trouble down the road.

Why is this important ?

This topic is important because people go through this in everyday life and situations like this often occur when you have a close friend or relative your really close with so we do things out of love and hope that you still have that understanding. The consequences behind the situations is what we call "breaking up a happy home or friends". But sometimes it's not that easy to just give up on someone you love but when it comes down to affecting your life and future you have to give yourself a pep talk and sit down and ask yourself If I do this and I know it's not right will this fall apart and affect me. How can we go about the situation a different way and if you say no will your friend or close relative be upset with you and feel you have let them down or worse say you betrayed their trust as well as loyalty. Sometimes you have to walk away from those you love to keep you from a lot of trouble and drama.

Believe to be true ?

I believe this to be true from my own personal experience with an relative. We all have that one friend or close relative that's always into trouble so we have to go save them from a situation but lying doesn't solve anything and it only leads to more trouble sometimes "Saying Sorry" can't get you out of. We are forced in everyday society to make unlawful decisions based upon hard choices that ourselves , family members , or a close friend has made so we feel we have to help but sometimes that help can lead into a world of trouble. This is true in so many ways dealing with all types of different topics from (Money , Drugs , friend issues , and family matter). It's up to us what we do with the choices we make when it comes to our own lives and how to choose to let someone tamper with us. Saying no can help but also help you in the long run once you think about it and think about what follows behind it.

Results-What I learned

I want learned more about how others feel about these hard decisions we have to face and how would the handle a situation if it was them in that position. Knowing that your friend or relative is in the wrong do you still try to help them because your kindhearted and care or do you say no because you want no part of what they have going on. If the person or relative was to say they could never forgive you for telling them you won't do it what would you do then , would you rethink your decision to keep them happy or keep that bound you two have. How would you cover yourself even if this meant lying for a friend or relative but making it so it doesn't fall back on you. If it did what would be your next result with the situation and how do you get out of it ?

Life Experience ?

My Life experience with this topic is , I have a great bound with my little cousin who tends to always be in the wrong places at the wrong times where trouble follows him. We grew up like brother and sister so it's always been like a job to watch over him but has he grew older he started hanging with the wrong crowds and doing things he had no business doing so I would try to watch his back and get him out of any drama until that drama followed me into school almost getting me kicked out for almost getting into a fight. I had to space myself from him and learn you can't help someone who doesn't want to be helped they have to learn for themselves. But I was hard headed and helped him anyway not knowing my actions and the consequences behind it he lied about the whole situation so I was in deeper trouble because I took up for him not knowing the full story so I made a fool of myself. Since then we still talk or I'll go over his house but we are not close as we use to be and I let him bump his own head now whatever he does is on him not me.

Reflection-Overal Results

The best thing to do in a situation as far as dealing with family matters or friendships is to talk to someone with experience who has dealt with a situation or can relate to such matters. Talk it out with the person or simply let them know you didn't cause this issue so it's not your job to fix it. It may be hard to way away from a loved one or close friend but at the end of the day your life is as much important as theirs so their actions are left up to them. It's your decision to follow through or walk away sometimes you have to put yourself first before you think about others. Most you don't want to do is make the situation worse by adding yourself to the conflict.

Support Result

As A result we make decisions based on relief , sympathy or opinions. We tend to do things out of the kindness of our hearts to make others happy but when as else falls after we make the decision we are left hurting. There is nothing wrong with helping a close friend or relative in need but sometimes the situation itself is out of hand and you need to space yourself from anything that can harm you or hurt you in anyway. These results are common and sometimes we get scared and feel pressured to do things to make another feel good about themselves and try to fit in where we don't belong. Often when we do these things for a person they don't appreciate it in the long run.
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