Knightly News

Week of October 25th


Creating and maintaining a Culture of Excellence!!

E-Epitomize integrity

X-eXpress Respect

C-Commit to Learn

E-Exercise responsibility

L-Lead with Courage

Shout out to SGMS for representing well on Unity Day

To show unity for kindness, acceptance, and inclusion and to send a visible message that no child should ever experience bullying.


One of the best ways to keep our schools safe is through See Something, Say Something. This means that we all should observe our environment and develop awareness of our surroundings. When we see suspicious activity, something that seems out of place, or hear someone make threats to harm another person, we say something. Even if we are not certain, we trust our instincts and make a report to the trusted adults in the building. Please share with your child the importance of being a leader and not a follower. We are creating a culture of excellence where respect is the norm. Respect is shown through our actions so ensure your child is aware that the norms of SGMS EXCEL will ground them in the traits to be the leader that is within them.

Creating a Culture of EXCELlence

Please help us by enforcing our school expectations with your child by ensuring they are ready to learn each day they come to school. We are not accepting below standard behaviors. All students deserve the right to learn and all students will be expected to ensure their classmates learning is not interrupted by inappropriate behaviors.

  • Dress code is the first area that can be checked prior to leaving home each school day. Your child should not wear BIKER SHORTS, JEANS with HOLES WHERE SKIN IS EXPOSED, CROP TOPS/SPAGHETTI STRAP TOPS, SLIDES/BEDROOM SHOES, CROCS WITH STRAPS NOT ON THE BACK or other items noted in the agenda.
  • Cell phones may not be used during the school day. If your child has their cell phone out it will be taken and first offense may be picked up at end of day, second offense a parent will need to pick up. Cell phones distract learning as students are texting or calling or listening to music rather than focused on the instruction being provided .
  • Masks are one of the most important ways to prevent spread of COVID-19 please ensure your child wears their mask covering both their mouth and nose.
  • Last but not least is RESPECT--please discuss with your child that they should follow the directions of any adult the first time and to avoid inappropriate comments or responses.

We are working to ensure every child has what they need to succeed. Please reach out if you have questions or if you are willing to partner with us as we move SGMS down the road of success.

SGMS Parent Teacher Organization--Examples of Leaders partnering for SGMS--WE NEED YOU!!

We will be hosting a virtual session in the next week or so to get an information/kick off meeting underway. Please stay tuned and join us. If you haven't signed up please consider completing the link below so we can connect.


**No events Week of October 25th

Girls Soccer and Boys Volleyball:

Monday November 1st @ Morehead/HPAC vs Penn Griffin 5:00 pm

Thursday November 4th @ Morehead/HPAC vs Welborn 4:45 pm


Wednesday @ Welborn 5:00 pm

Boys Basketball Open Gym November 2nd and 4th 3:45 pm -6 pm--Rides must be at school by 5:30 pm and must have all athletic paperwork turned in (Physical, Concussion form and Covid form)

Please come out and support our athletes and coaches


Our administrative team is available to assist with any and all SGMS questions or concerns. You may reach us at 336-674-4266 or by email. We love your partnership please reach out if you have suggestions or shout outs for our amazing staff.

Tracy Roof, (meeting/conference students with last names P-Z)

Lorie Rainey, Assistant (meeting/conference students with last names G-O)

James Moore, Assistant (meeting/conference students with last names A-F)