NES Secret Shop

A Favorite Holiday Tradition at NES Returns!

It's Christmas Shopping Time for NES Girls and Boys!

Details for NES Secret Shop:

When? THIS Week! Dec. 10-12, at recess

Where? NES Main Hallway (outside the cafeteria)

What? A holiday gift "store" for NES kid shoppers only!

How? Send spending money in the "Shopping Envelopes" sent home (see picture below and details in FAQs)

Volunteers Needed: If you are interested to learn more about how you can help with the Secret Shop please follow the link HERE!

Secret Shop: FAQs:

  • What is Secret Shop? Secret Shop, brought to you by the NES PTO, is an opportunity for students to shop for holiday gifts, on their own ("in secret"), for their loved ones. A wide variety of high-quality merchandise will be available for purchase. Merchandise will cover a wide range of price points from $1 - $10! The Secret Shop is one of our biggest fundraisers of the year and all profits go directly to PTO programming for NES.

  • Why is this Year's Secret Shop SO SUPER EXCITING? (because it is!!!) Instead of hiring a vendor to bring their limited offering of low-quality, high-priced items, the NES PTO researched, selected, hand-crafted and purchased each and every item being offered at this year's Secret Shop. This 'ain't your ordinary Secret Shop!

  • OK, What does that mean? This means that your kids will have a chance to purchase from a wide variety of items that all members of your family will love at affordable prices! (no more "World's Greatest Dad" trophies!)

  • What type of merchandise will be available? We'll have fabulous gift options for every member of the family including inspirational totes, amazing hand crafted candles, necklaces, coaster sets, tumblers, scrunchies, and don't forget the ever-popular fun snap pocket pouches! Plus much, much more!

  • When is Secret Shop? December 10th-12th

  • Will students miss class time to shop? No. Each class will have designated time slots to shop during their scheduled recess times. Students who wish to participate will simply visit the Secret Shop instead and return to recess when they are done.

  • Does my child have to participate? No. Secret Shop is purely optional. Students who wish to participate may do so. Other students will simply remain outside and enjoy their recess.

  • Will anyone be on hand to help younger students shop? Yes! We have many great volunteers to help as we did last year (we can use more "big helpers" - please see link HERE if you'd like to volunteer). PTO volunteers will be on hand to help students select appropriate items and ensure they are budgeting their money properly.

  • How will volunteers know what each family's budget is? An envelope was sent home ahead of Secret Shop (see picture below). Parents are to put the money they'd like their child to spend at Secret Shop in the envelope (or indicate a budget if the child is not permitted to spend the entire amount). HOWEVER, the envelope is not necessary. You can simply send in some cash or a check made out to "NES PTO", as well.

Big picture

Here's a sneak peek at a few items available at Secret Shop:

You'll have to wait until the holidays to see what was picked out especially for you!