Come travel to Saudi Arabia!

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We have heard that you have requested my company and I to try to book a trip to Saudi Arabia!

I have found a flight for you at the cheapest price.

Where- Indianapolis to Jeddah Saudi Arabia (near Mecca)

Price- $2,241.00 per passenger/ round trip

Departure- 7:39 pm on Decmber 12, 2014

During Flight- 3 stops

Arrival- 4:10 am on Decmber 14, 2014

We also have found some hotels for you to check out!

Their Religion

In Mecca, Saudi Arabia almost all the people who live their don't follow Christianity. Their Religion is Islam. I have been researching things you should and shouldn't do.

Religious dress-

The women wear a dress called a hijab. The purpose of the hijab is to cover everything, but the face and hands. You will need to purchase one of these, because you don't want to offend anyone. Also make sure your wife does not wear perfume with it. They won't allow it there. Now, for the men the requirements are basically the same thing

Their Beliefs-

Muslims have the 5 pillars that they do. They are basically things they practice for Islam. They go in the order of:

1. The statement of faith

2. The five daily prayers

3. Fast during the month of Ramadan

4. Donate to charity

5. Make a pilgrimage to Mecca

Foods to eat/foods to avoid-

Some foods and drinks to avoid is pork, blood, slaughtered meat, or alcohol.

What you want to eat is is non- slaughtered meat .

Holidays and Ceremonies-

One holiday is Eid Al- Fitr which celebrates the end of the month Ramadan. One of the ceremonies is the Hajj. This consist of a pilgrimage to Mecca and do a lot of ceremonies with the Ka'bah in the middle of Mecca. The Ka'bah was believed to built by Abraham!

Just make sure you do what is right from above. You don't want offend anyone.

Thanks for booking with us!