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What is Gouda?

  • Gouda is a Dutch Yellow Cheese made from cows milk. Gouda was first mentioned in 1184, which makes this cheese the oldest recorded cheese in the world that is still made today.
  • Gouda cheese is creamy with a mild flavor that is full of a hormone called vitamin K2.

History of Gouda.

  • The cheese is named after the Dutch city of Gouda, not because it is produced in or near the city, but because it has historically been traded there.
  • Buyers then sampled the cheeses and negotiated a prices using a ritual system called handjeklap
  • Handjeklap: When the buyer and the seller clap each others hands and yell out prices
  • After the price is chosen they take the cheese to get weighed and finish the buying process there.
  • Till this day farmers from the surrounding regions come every Thursday morning to Gouda, between 10AM to 12:30PM to have their cheese tasted, weighed and priced.
  • Today most Dutch Gouda is produced industrially.
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How is Gouda Made?

  • Gouda is typically made from pasteurised cow’s milk
  • The smoother and less flavorful gouda they use raw milk or pasteurized
  • To enhance the flavor of the cheese they add cheese, herbs, seasoning, and nuts.

What do people eat Gouda with?

  • Gouda is served for breakfast
  • It is good served with certain types of fruit such as Strawberries, grapes, or apple slices.
  • Its good with crackers or bread
  • It also is know to be good with a merlot wine or a mug of beer