And The Holocaust


ELIE WIESEL is the author of the book Night. He is not just the author but the main character in the book too.  ELIE wrote this story about his life as a jewish prisner and all the real life events he experienced, good and bad.  ELIE was one of the very few survivors from the Nazi war.  He had lived in a concentration camp for a while and had to fight for his and his fathers life but after a while his father eventually gave up and past away.  Elie had to survive on his own and he did.The war finally ended and he was set free.  Even though he was a free man he still could not erase all the horriable things he had to face in the past.
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The Hard Times

Concentration camps was were the germans would send the jews.  Were they would go from sleeping in warm comfortable beds to sleeping on hard cots and if you wanted a pillow you would have to use your eating bowl to rest your head on.  For breakfast instead of having some bacon and eggs like we usally do now  they would get a very small peace of bread and some black bitter coffee and if there lucky some flavorless soup. After they would eat they would have to go to work some would work in the crematoria some would work in the kitchen some would clean the cots there were many jobs. After many days they would be thinner and thinner and and more agresive and hateful.  It soon got so bad that relatives would kill each other for there own survival.  The people that did survive these harsh conditions they were concidered to be very lucky.
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In the picture above the sign stands for WORK MAKES FREE right before you walk into the concentration camp.

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In the picture above it shows some holocaust prisoners.

The Leader Of The Holocaust

Adolf Hitler was the type of man that you did not want to dislike because if you did you would have to be sent to a concentration camp or killed.  Hitler had everyone believing that he was a good man and that what he was doing was going to help the people in the future.  But all he did was make things worse .  He made germany go into war with many other countrys.  HE also caused many deaths to innocent people. Hitler also tryed to persuaed the children because he new they were the future of the today world. Hitler was a very bad man and he will always be! 

The End!

The Holocaust ended at the end of WWll.  The Nazi were defeated by Russia and the U.S  which were called the allies.  The Holocaust ended in certain places when the russians let go of the prisners in the camps in 1944-1945.  After Hitler died in 1945 the Holocaust surrenderd and the russians went to germany and released the rest of the prisners. 
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