Great Wall of China

The Construction of the Great Wall

Did you know that the Great Wall of China was not originally one structure? Yep, that's right. Before the Great Wall of China was fully constructed, there were many separate structures. At least until Emperor Qin Shihuang ordered to connect the walls and form one Great Wall, that is.

Almost 500 thousand people were involved in the construction of the building and many also lost their lives during construction. Although 500 thousand workers may seem like a

lot, it isn't. The construction of the Great Wall took almost 200 years due to heavy damage, collapsed sections, and structural failures. Some of this was due to the fact that the Great Wall wasn't built all in on piece, but in multiple, causing different building materials and styles to be used.

Due to the fact that the walls were separate, many were different materials. Stone, brick, wood, clay, earth and even human bodies were used to build it. If you lost your life while constructing, your body would be built over rather than removed.

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The Great Wall's Purpose

Despite many deaths, delays, and problems, the Great Wall of china achieved and maintained its purpose: protecting from invaders. The wall was built to protect from nomadic invaders and keep people off and out of what was the norther border of china.
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Wrapup and conclusion

To this day the wonderful structure known as the Great Wall of china stands. It is one of the greatest structures on earth, a whopping 5500 miles long, and about 24 feet tall(Travel china)

From the history, to the construction, to the completion and final product, the Great Wall of China is truly amazing.