SDW World Languages

October 16, 2015


My main responsibility is supporting you. I am also in schools every day to visit classrooms meet during PLCs, attend OTLS, to co-plan lessons and dialogue with you during coaching cycles. I welcome the opportunity to connect and meet with you when you have time, before/after school, prep time, or lunch to discuss observation visits, data, curriculum planning or whatever else may be on your mind. I shared with all of you access to my calendar, so you are able to see when I am busy and free. I also use Jabber which allows my 'phone' to go with me on my Macbook. I am at 262 970 1134. Please don't hesitate to reach out to connect!

On the Verge of Proficiency: MS Interpretive Reading ASW

The 2nd Monday of each month is designated as an OTL (Opportunity to Learn) for our Middle School World Languages French and Spanish teachers. Monday, October 12th marked the first ASW for these teachers to discuss, collaborate and strategize across schools. I appreciated being able to listen in on the conversations happening and it also gave us new things to wonder about.

Key Takeaways:

1. positive opportunity to dialogue with each other

2. opportunity to calibrate how each other scored the assessments

Click on the data graphs below to enlarge.

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GRR (Gradual Release of Responsibility) Lesson Plans & Coaching Opportunities

It's been awesome this week in classrooms to see so many teachers using the GRR framework of I Do-We Do-You Do! Each of you has a unique craft and I am impressed by how you scaffold and allow students opportunities to practice collaboratively, whole class and individually.

Almost 80% of you participated in the July Disciplinary Literacy Institute held at North, where you created two GRR lesson plans, one utilizing a Comprehension Reading strategy, and another incorporating purposeful collaboration. The collection of those lessons is stored on our Bb9 "World Languages District Course Template" page. Hover over the photos below and click on the magnifying glass to expand.

Many sites also use the GRR lesson planning template in conjunction with OTLs and SLOs/Observation Visits. Some of you are also working on these with me during coaching cycles. Please let me know if you would like to plan one together around your work with your SLO and if you'd like to work together in a mini-coaching cycle.

These are great practices and powerful artifacts for Educator Effectiveness.

**Rachel Hermann wrote a great blog post recently about modeling and think-alouds in the GRR process: