Medival Star

800 A.D.

A Change in Motion

Usually we have been using oxen to pull our plows around our fields, but are they the best choice? They are able to live in poor conditions and they are very easy to keep but are they the most efficient for our farmers to be using? No they are not! We have found that horses are the best for usage on our farms, they do require a different type of harness and they do require a better food supply but they can plow three times as much a day opposed to oxen. The choice is clear, horses are the way to go.

Population Growth

What do we have to thank for our increase in population? Well believe it or not it has to do with a change in our field system. Instead of our classical two fields we now have three, two of the fields are grown and harvested while the third field lay fallow ( resting ) for a year so the nutrients can replace themselves. The farmers could grow on two thirds of their fields instead of just half and his yields an increase in food production. That means more to eat for the Villagers, and well feed people especially children could resist disease better and therefore a large grow in the population.
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Changes in Our Society

The growth in population has had a lot of very good effect on our society, along with the territorial expansion in western Europe. This growth has also sparked a change in agriculture, trade, and finance has made a very large advance for this time period we are in. We also have a very wide range of cultural interaction with Muslim ans Byzantine, this lead to a new type of institution in Europe, the University. This was the start to a new form of education that would help people and allow them to really have a specialty when it came to the work force.