Should We Revolt

By Holden Edmondson

Revolution is the only Solution

Although forming a revolution comes at a great risk, if things were avoided solely because the outcome wasn't guaranteed, we would never accomplish anything. What we the colonists have endured by the British is inexcusable. That is why, despite the danger associated with it, I am an advocate for the American Revolution.
The first of British offenses which I believe warrant a revolution is the implementation of the Sugar and Stamp Act. The Sugar Act places an additional tax on foreign sugar thus increasing the demand for that of the British, whereas the Stamp Act is a tax on all printed materials. Although Britain introduced these Acts as an effort to lessen their debt from the French and Indian War, I as well as many of the other colonists believe it is unjustified and that there should be no taxation without representation.
The second of offenses that justify a revolution, is the Boston Massacre. Although we were partially at fault for provoking the British soldiers, their firing into the crowd was not an appropriate response. With five civilians dead and six injured, the Revolution has essentially already begun. The rowdiness of the mob is not a valid excuse for the Boston Massacre considering casualties only occurred on our side.
In conclusion, although a revolution against the British, the most powerful country of that time, could result in the devastation of the colonies, it is warranted and in my opinion necessary. With the implementation of the Sugar and Stamp Act it is clear that Britain views the colonies as inferior, and the subsequent Boston Massacre forces our hand. This is why I believe the American Revolution needs to happen despite the odds.