By:Briana Perez


The career I chose was a doctor because they help people if there sick or if they are injured. Also when I was a little girl my sister would tell me about her job as a nurse and doctor. so then I had a interest of being a doctor. Also I love to help people a lot and like to save lives. so when I grow up I would like to be a doctor.

Family doctor

I want to be a family doctor because I want to help everyone. Also I like to not only help kids but, also adults. Helping kid and adult makes me happy and a better I want to be a family doctor when I grow up. so that what I want to be and I love to help ever one



work environment

Doctor work in offices. They are very hard workers .They are great at their jobs . The doctors work in offices with nurse to help the patients with questions and any think they need to understand. They sometimes they work alone and sometimes with help of the nurse.Also in their office they have their material.

salary & outlook

For your salary you will get more than 187,200$ throw your job. The outlook employment is 139,800$. so the payment for every hour is 90$.so my project employment is 154,100$ and it helps to study and work hard. The wage is grater then 187,200$. Your occupation is 7% of the total in all.

Training & education

For my education I have to stay 2 years in medical school. Your have to study biology, chemistry, physical, math, English. You have to get a bachelor degree.You also have to go to collage for 6-8 year of school. you have to train in medical school a lot. so those are your requirements .


I do still have an interest because its my dream to become a doctor. Also I got encouraged by my sister and I would really like to be a doctor. I love to help people and make them feel better. I want to help and heal people of their that's why I wasn't to be a doctor.