St. Francis Xavier

Karl, Elena, Amanda, Jew, and Zach


  • One of the greatest missionary apostles of the age
  • One of the founding members of the society of Jesus
  • A missionary friar sent by Pope Paul III to evangelize the Indian people and improve the moral behavior of the Portuguese


  • Helped form the order after he met St. Ignatius
  • Exceptional zeal for the Gospel
  • He was designated a special emissary for the evangelization of the Indian people


  • He wanted to help the ancestors of the apostle Thomas

  • He also wanted to help spread Christianity to Asia

  • Improved moral character of the settlers and gained the trust of the local Indians


  • A pioneering Christian missionary in Goa, India
  • He later went to the city of Malacca in modern day Sri Lanka
  • Also went to Spice Islands, and some say he even went to the Philippines

How do we see God?

  • He was sent by God to help to spread Christianity through the dense population of Indians