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Shamanistic Practices: Grounding To Save Your Sanity

These days everybody is travelling acting a bit crazy. Specially in cities, people have become very disconnected in the earth and nature in general. You've probably heard the saying, "Energy flows where attention goes." Well the main problem individuals have today is because they are 'stuck in their head.' Constant mind chatter. Contemplating what they're likely to consume next. Fretting about this and that. To make sure head stuff...
Getting back together in contact with bodies are an extremely healthy course of action. Because of the 'psychic pollution' bombarding us everyday, it's a wise idea to practice grounding exercises that 'keep your feet firmly on the floor.'
One of many easiest exercises you are able to practice is always to simply take note of feet. Notice what they seem like at any time. Try and hold your attention there for 90 seconds. There exists a cause of this. It has been found out that the mind hemispheres will normalize if you target an integral part of your body for around 90 seconds. You may become free of left-brained panic and anxiety!
So practice achieving this at regular intervals during the day.
A more advanced and worthwhile practice are visualising your root chakra grounding in the earths core. This Shamanic practice has been known about for centuries that i'm sure many moons ago we had arrived all a lot more sorted and harmonious energetically.
The root chakra is found with the bottom of the spine. It is the first energy centre within your body and pertains to the physical energies. Traditionally this chakra is definitely for this colour red. There's various esotric reasonings with this. However much like the inescapable fact that red may be the lowest frequency within the visible light spectrum.
Big picture
What to do now you must do to ground your energies into the earth is practice the following visualisation:
Shamanic Grounding Practice
1. Imagine your root chakra emanating warm red light energy. This comes straight out of your base of the spine and genital region on to the core of the earth; that features a red energy centre.
2. Hold your attention with this energy. Red energy flowing from the root chakra into earth's core. You can sense the earths energy flowing up into your root chakra in the energy exchange.
* Personally I prefer to have the energy as being a pink quartz colour because this provides me with more of a loving energy feeling through the earth. Test to get the things right for you.
OK, and if you're not used to this you might want to take action a few times when you've got some peace and quiet. Available to get a feeling of the foundation chakra connecting in the earth's energies, you're ready to practice it out and about. Take a stroll and employ connecting to the earth's core. Switch that red energy on and ground on to the earth. Practice it in numerous settings so you've true flexibility As well as the capability to get grounded anytime!
Taking it Further...
When you experience it down, you've empowered yourself which has a really great tool. Regardless if you're in the middle of the insane worker bees in rush hour at the place, it will be possible to stay calm as well as in control. After that you can take this further by learning to emanate like to these poor ungrounded sods.
This can be achieved by flowing the energy up from your root chakra on your heart and emanating it outwards in an aura of love. It is advisable to first practice this in the medititive setting given it takes some practice to obtain the concentration needed to try this well.
In order to clarify... First get grounded; flow the romance energy up in the core of the earth. Send this up to your heart chakra and after that imagine sending this red/pink loving energy out of your heart in all directions 360 degrees. Your heart energy is quite powerful. Imaginable spreading that energy all over.
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