Why are UFO's Reported?

Are they Real?

CNN Talks About UFO's

In a article about UFO's CNN talks about how people report them all the time but its your choice to belive.There was also something about a sighting on a live broadcast but I could not watch the video.


The Apollo 16 was taping a video in 1972 and they thought they saw a saucer like object in the window but it was actually a reflection of something on the ship, this is an example of people thinking they see a U.F.O. but it’s not.
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On Writing.com someone talks about what he thinks.

“Stories of UFOs and alien spaceships abounded in the 1950s"

"The Aliens were among us and came from within the Solar system. They were from Venus, Mars and the outer moons of Jupiter and Saturn. The government as usual was conspiring to keep this information from us but the proof that they came from these planets was out there somewhere. There were even a few religions founded by this phenomenon. Then the United States and Russia started sending probes to explore these planets and found them very inhospitable to life, all of a sudden these aliens were quietly moved out of the neighborhood to other star systems. Now all aliens travel faster than light and come from far away.

Of course the "proof" is still out there somewhere just further away, that's all.”

So why are UFO's reported and are they real?

Its safe to say that most are reported for money or people thought they saw something but

Its really about you. Do you belive, have you seen or heard something that has/would convince you?

So the real question is Do you belive in UFO's?

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