The Maine Coon Cat

Made By: Logan Shinn

What is a Maine Coon Cat?

So, you want to know what a Maine Coon cat is.

Well, a Maine Coon cat is a domestic cat breed

that most people love. Here are some facts about

the Maine Coon cat "Fully grown male Maine Coons

come to weigh 13 - 18 pounds, and females come

to weigh about 8 - 12 pounds. These cats are well

known to be super friendly and enjoy attention from

their owners. Female Maine Coons are somewhat

smaller than males, most Maine Coon cats enjoy

the taste of moist food, the only downside to this

food well a couple downsides are the cat food is

expensive, it can get stuck in his/her teeth, and it

will rot if left out for more than an hour."

What Are The Different Body Parts of The Maine Coon Cat?

The main parts of the body are head, tail, legs, and torso. The Maine Coons ears are large and wide at the base. The ears also have tuffs on the tips. The ears are set high on the head. Their paws are large. The body is rectangular shaped. The tail is roughly the size of the body.