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February Newsletter | 2021-2022

Kids, how many links can you find in this newsletter?

HINT: There are at least 15 links in this newsletter for kids to discover and explore!

Brown Elementary School

To: Brown Bobcats and Families,

Sending Love to All.

Some of the highlights in this month's newsletter:

  • Self-Care Tips for Kids
  • SPOTLIGHT: Multicultural and Social Awareness
  • February Character Trait: Kindness
  • Brown Artists of the Month for February
  • Parents/Guardians: 1) 7 Types of Rest; 2) Social Media Safety

From: Ms. Von Berckefeldt (Ms. V)

Brown Elementary School Counselor

Self-Care for Kids

Kids big and small can learn self-care tips to help their today-self and future-self thrive.

Self-Care interactive lessons are being sent to students this month through the School Counseling Google Classroom:

Happy Self-Care!

Ms. V

Chinese New Year is February 1st

The Year of the Tiger - 2022

The Chinese New Year (Lunar New Year) is Feb. 1st, but for many people around the world the celebrations begin Jan. 31st and continue until Feb. 15th.

Learn more about this important holiday:

  • The meaning behind each of 16 Days of Celebrations
  • Festivals
  • Foods, Arts & Crafts
  • And much more

Click here to learn more about the Chinese New Year

SPOTLIGHT: Multicultural & Social Awareness

Click here for a recommended booklist for kids!

SPOTLIGHT: Multicultural and Social Awareness

In the month of February we are recognizing the following Group, Culture or Cause:

  • Black History Month (Culture: United States)
  • Chinese (Lunar) New Year - Feb 1st (Culture: International)
  • Groundhog Day - Feb. 2nd (Culture: United States)
  • Valentine's Day - Feb. 14th (Culture: International)
  • Presidents’ Day - Feb. 21st (Culture: United States)

Students, check out the SPOTLIGHT Virtual Library in the School Counseling Google Classroom to find stories related to the groups, cultures or causes listed above.


School Counselors support students in three domains: Academic, Social/Emotional, and College/Career. Check out some cool links for kids in each domain below.

Kid President Kindness

Kindness Week is Feb. 7th-11th

Coming Soon - The Kindness Challenge!

Ask your teacher about Kindness Week and check out the School Counseling Google Classroom for more about The Kindness Challenge.


Self-Care for Kids (click on the video below)

Self-Care for Kids

Click here for the Brown Digital Art Gallery to view current and previous Artists of the Month

Art & Kids

Art is great for calming your brain and body and releasing your creative imagination. Art can also help you to express yourself to others when you want to use more than words to speak.

Click on the link below anytime you need a creative outlet.

Adults Need Self-Care too!


Being a parent/guardian requires a lot of energy and focus. Self-care can help adults stay in their optimal mental, emotional and physical space.

I recently came upon this new and very interesting information about the "7 Types of Rest" that I think most adults could benefit from - myself especially!

Click on the following video to learn more about the "7 Types of Rest" by Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith

The real reason why we are tired and what to do about it | Saundra Dalton-Smith | TEDxAtlanta

Social Media Safety Tips That Parents Need To Know

Check out this website to stay on top of the latest social media safety concerns and tips for kids by Common Sense Media.

Quick Tip: Some social media apps offer a family safety mode that allow parent/child accounts to be paired. Check out this video to learn how to pair parent and child TikTok accounts.

How to Use TikTok Family Pairing - TikTok Family Safety Mode

Click here to learn more about School Counseling across the United States!

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