Savannah Biome

By Shaiann Walkup


The Savannah is mostly made up of grass, with some very little amounts of trees. The animals that live in the Savannah biome are mostly called herbivores.

Poaching of endangered species, human infectious diseases

Some of the human infectious diseases are malaria and AIDS. One way of the diseases that can be spread are when animals go and kill each other until their death. The animals are left to rot which lets the diseases spread faster.

The issue of the biome and it's negative and positive impacts.

The positive impact is that there are people that like to travel to the savannah parts of world is to be taken on a safari that actually allows them to be up close to see all the plants and animals that live there.

Negative impact is that there are animals that go to kill each other and people leave the animals to rot. when the animals rot, that is how the diseases are spread. The savannah doesn't have sewage drains underground so the diseases move close to houses and contaminate the houses that people live.


I would eliminate poaching by banning all weapons that could/can be easily used to harm, kill or even capturing the animals.