Lanham Lowdown

4th Grade News

March 13th, 2015

Important Dates

Unit 7 Math Test

Tuesday, March 17th

Tropical Smoothie Day

Wednesday, March 18

Spirit Wear Orders Due

Wednesday, March 18

Bus Driver Appreciation Breakfast

Thursday, March 19th (see flyer attached to e-mail)

Spelling Test

Friday, March 20th

Spring Break

March 23rd-March 27th


In science, we have been learning about animals and their adaptations. This week, we had to adapt an animal to a different habitat and change what it has to help it survive in its new habitat. Then, we have to write what it has new to survive in its new habitat and what it does to help the animal survive in the habitat. When we finish that, we would make a clay model or write and draw a poster of what it does and what it looks like. It is very fun! Then, we have to record us telling what the adaptations do to help the animal survive. Then we post the videos of us on the haiku page. It was very fun making the clay models and posters of the animal we were doing.

By: Mason Borst


This week we continued listening to Mrs. Lanham read Ruby Holler. We are almost done with the book Ruby Holler, and it is getting exciting because Mrs. Lanham is stopping at good parts to make us think.This week we are reading this book called Seeker of Knowledge, it's interesting to see what happens in the past. It's a biography about Jean-Francois Chompollion. Today is friday and I am gonna write a book about storms and tornadoes. I will work hard on it today. Question of the day: How do Supercell thunderstorms form?

By: Michael Roberts


In math we have been learning about fractions and equivalent fraction and I personally enjoy fractions. We have learned how to add or subtract fractions. Just recently we learned about multiplying fractions, it is really interesting. We have a math test on Tuesday 3/17 we have a study guide to help your child make sure you help your child study with the test. If your child studies for the test they most likely to get a good grade. There is a good web link to study multiplication its under my resources its called Kakooma X. Question of the day: What was your favorite part of math?