Male condom

Crystal gonzazez,Avery Perez

Presentation information

~This method is used for men.

~How this method for pregnancy works is by the condom, prevents sperm from entering the vagina.

~Special instructions for this method is check the condom in case of any holes amd make sure you pit in the condom right

~it is not a prescription or over counter

~this method does protect sexually transmitted infection (sti)

This method is 85% effective

Presentation information

How does the male condoms compare to other methods..

-it doesnt compare to others better than ours

-it protects and prevents somewhat of getting pregnant

Some advantages an benefits from using condoms are...

-no std

-no pregnacy

-no death,gonrrhea and chlamdia

Disadvantages or side affect from using it is..

-they can break

-they can weakend

-they exspire