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Requirements & Updates

Any staff who may or possibly has restrained a child needs to take the online TBSI training plus an approved restraint training.

Training for school employees, volunteers, or independent contractors must be provided according to the following requirements:

  • A core team of personnel on each campus must be trained in the use of restraint, and the team must include a campus administrator or designee and any general or special education personnel likely to use restraint.
  • Personnel called upon to use restraint in an emergency and who have not received prior training must receive training within 30 school days following the use of restraint.
  • Training on the use of restraint must include prevention and de-escalation techniques and provide alternatives to the use of restraint.
  • All trained personnel must receive instruction in current professionally accepted practices and standards regarding behavior management and the use of restraint.

Texas Administrative Code 89.1053 Procedures for Use of Restraint and Time-Out

Texas Behavior Support Initiative (TBSI)

Make sure your school core team and those involved in serving students who struggle with self-regulation attend this training. It may be helpful to keep their certification on file. It it not required to be taken every year. This training was previously offered through ESC Region 4. It has been updated, and now can be found at:

The Texas Behavior Support Initiative (TBSI) is a state-level training that meets the requirements mandated by Texas Education Code §37.0021 and Texas Administrative Code §89.1053. TBSI provides foundational knowledge for the use of positive behavior interventions and supports for all students, including students with disabilities. While the TBSI training meets legislative requirements related to procedures for the use of restraint and time-out, it also provides a framework for sharing a wide range of foundational-level behavior strategies and prevention-based schoolwide, classroom, and individual interventions.

Legal Requirements & Updates

SB 785 - in effect 2021-22 school year

State law on BIP/FBA and documentation of restraints

Senate Bill 1196

Time Out, Seclusion & Restrain - effective 2001

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Fabiana Bezerra, LSSP, NCSP

Behavior Specialist for Special Education