North American Natives

Ancient Civilizations

Anasazi, the ancestors of Pueblo.

They made canals and ditch like structure's to catch rain water from flooding.There houses were made out of adobe and stone. There houses had many stories such as an apartment would.They also built roads for trading networks.Craftsmen made very fine jewelry.They had turquoise jewelry and woven baskets and pottery.Many people left because of droughts.

Adena, collectively known as the Eastern Woodlands peoples

They lived in Ohio valley region.They grew squash,sunflowers,gourds,and barely.They produced jewelry and fine pottery.They had peculiar burial grounds made up of log structure's.

Hopewell,also collectively known as the Eastern Woodlands peoples.

They lived in Ohio valley too.They built mounds that were 40ft high and 100ft wide.Adena and Hopewell were both called mound builders.


They arrived in Mississippi in 800 AD.They had crops that produced lots of food.Soon the population began to increase and they needed more land.In the center of the city Cahokia was a huge mound about 100ft high and a base of more than 14 acres.Surrounding that mound was another 120 smaller mounds.

In the End

In the End all of the civilizations collapsed by the 1300s.