Compare and Contrast

Chapter 12 vs. My Heritage

Chapter 12

Chapter 12 talks about the struggles and problems immigrants had to face during their journey to and after they reached Ellis Island. My family and I on the other hand didn't exactly end up in the same circumstances. In Chapter 12 the immigrants have a European background, lived in the bohemian flats with poor living conditions, and came here by steamships that were badly crowded.


There aren't many similarities between my heritage and the Chapter 12 immigrants. I did manage to find out that both my family and some of the immigrants came to the United States of America for jobs, for a new start and for perusing your dreams.

My Heritage

Unlike the immigrants from Chapter 12, my family didn't face any problems. My family has an Aisan Indian background, unlike them we didn't live in poor conditions, and traveled here by airplane ( not by steamship ).