Life Before The Constitution

By: Emily Irrazabal

Southern Planter

I am a southern planter. I have many slaves and am quite wealthy. I depend on my slaves to do all the hard work as for harvesting. Even thought the wars has ended things or still really bad. There isn't enough money for people to buy stuff from our business, the bank isn't lending anyone money because it isn't as "stable" as it needs to be.I disagree with the "rabble" mainly because they say equality is important, yet i don't want to lose my land. I had sold supplies to the federal government but ended up being worthless. i would like to get the debt back in money.

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I am a banker, I get money by providing other people with loans. Recently there has been a problem with people paying back loans with other things such as harvest goods. I mainly blame the poor people for letting these laws be passed by. But the good news is that i have now recently bought up thousands of dollar of government bonds from people who were given these instead of money. Now there is a change in the system which will make me get a lot of money.
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i am a shoemaker i live in Manchester,New Hampshire.