Research Question

By: Vineet Madur

What methods are used to train guide dogs?

  • Clicker training- This is when the trainers communicate with the dog to tell them what to do and what they will get for doing it by using a clicker.

  • General food rewards- When food is given for the tasks that are preformed

  • Treadmill training- This tests the dogs ability to lead the way for the handlers in different paths like up a hill or down a steep road.

  • Intelligent disobedience- This tests the dogs ability to make the right decision even when told to take the wrong decision.

  • Emergency responses for the handlers safety- This training is so that the dog knows what to do in case of an emergency

Which of these methods is most effective?

The most effective method of training is the General Food Rewards because dogs respond better when they know that they are going to get a reward for the task they're doing.
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How long does a guide dog typically have to train using these methods?

Guide dogs are usually in training for two years, but it can take longer depending on how quick the dog learns.
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